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Obama administration plans a 2010 immigration reform battle … oh really?

This bit of news from the LA Times is interesting. read The Obama administration a full-court press on immigration reform in 2010. Here’s a quote from the article: Senior White House aides privately have assured Latino activists that the president … Read More

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Danish newspaper: Obama is greater than Jesus

I suppose it was inevitable that a newspaper editorial board would place President Obama above Jesus Christ in stature. Read After all, as my friend Cal Grondahl says, there’s been no comment from the Man from Galilee refuting the Obama-beats-Christ … Read More

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The dreaded Christmastime ward sacrament meeting

For the most part, I enjoy sacrament meeting. I like that it’s always been the final meeting in every ward I’ve been in. It’s cool to sit close together with the family, even if our four-year-old is bending my shoe … Read More

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Why are Democrats willing to walk the plank over health care?

The most amazing thing about the health care reform comedy in Washington D.C. is the utter amazement that congressional Democrats are willing to self-destruct in 2010 by forcing through the biggest bill in two generations via a party-line vote amid … Read More

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Jimmy Stewart's other Christmas movie

Most of the world associates the actor Jimmy Stewart and Christmas with the marvelous Frank Capra film, “It’s a Wonderful Life.” And that is a classic tale, with everyman George Bailey learning, at his most depressed hour, how much a … Read More

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The left hates Joe Lieberman, so let's go after his wife!

One of the more amusing, or appalling, byproducts of the very long health care reform debate is watching the angry left go after those who disagree with their vision of health care reform, which allows a single-payer system or, if … Read More

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The left's Trig Palin obsession makes it to CNN

The right wing has its birthers. The left has a severe case of Palin Derangement Syndrome related to the birth of Trig, her baby. It is a cruel obsession that tries to hint Palin is not the mother of Trig, … Read More

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Anthology offers a selection of the best in Mormon literature

It’s not difficult to find good Mormon literature, but to find the best Mormon literature is more difficult. As my friend Cal Grondahl might put it, there’s fuzzy bear stories and grizzly bear stories. Fuzzy bear stories, that make us … Read More

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Dee: Utah GOP will buck Standard, defend the Constitution by opposing ethics reform initiative

According to my Standard-Examiner colleague Ron Thornburg, Utah House Majority Whip Brad Dee, speaking at a local group’s weekly luncheon, took severe umbrage at our Sunday, Nov. 29 editorial, “Utah GOP fails ethics test.” Dee accused the Standard-Examiner of painting … Read More

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Utah Democrats: Sam Granato's no Caspar Milquetoast

Some Utah Democrats are angry about a couple lines in a recent Standard editorial where we opined that Sen. Bob Bennett is facing a tough re-election within his own Republican Party.  Read What irks these members of Utah’s scrappy minority … Read More

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