Bishop Supports Legislation to Audit the Federal Reserve

WASHINGTON– Congressman Rob Bishop (UT-01) voted in support of the Federal Reserve Transparency Act of 2012 [H.R. 459], which passed today in the House with bipartisan support.  Bishop is a co-sponsor of the measure, which would give the Government Accountability Office greater oversight over the Federal Reserve including the ability to conduct a full audit of the agency.  

 “The Federal Reserve, with its impact on the flow of credit and money in this country, obviously has a huge influence on our overall economy. We are in the midst of a serious economic crisis and Congress deserves to see a detailed report about the policies and workings of this agency.  A full audit of the Fed based on openness and transparency, and without restrictions, will help guide decisions going forward and ensure that taxpayer dollars are managed appropriately,” said Congressman Bishop.

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One Response to Bishop Supports Legislation to Audit the Federal Reserve

  1. BKA says:

    Senator Bishop,
    I enjoyed your comments during the Sept. Uintah Basin Energy Summit. In fact, your address was the only one that was perfectly honest. I am proud to be from your neck of the woods.
    You are tackling a behemoth of a monopoly on the energy front and I applaud your actions in that arena. That you are also calling upon the Federal Reserve for accountability, I clap louder and faster.
    Your advocacy of the recent 20,000 acre mineral rights swap and the conveyance of federal public land to state public land has me doing a standing ovation.
    These three monopolies (energy, money and land) must eventually be decentralized.
    It is my hope that you will have the opportunity to more vigorously pursue the rights of a sovereign public to competitive banking during your career.
    All of my best…

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