Bishop Commends Utah State Lawsuit Against DOI Wild Lands Proposal

WASHINGTON– Congressman Rob Bishop (R-UT), Chairman of the House Natural Resources Subcommittee on National Parks, Forests and Public Lands, today commended the State of Utah for filing a lawsuit against the Department of Interior’s recent Secretarial Order #3310, which creates new a new “wild lands” designation for areas that are said to have wilderness characteristics. 

“The controversial and widely unpopular wild lands proposal will have a detrimental impact on Utah and many other public lands states, which is why it is essential that we challenge this irresponsible policy on all fronts—at the federal, state, and local levels.  I commend Governor Gary Herbert and Attorney General Mark Shurtleff for taking legal action on behalf of the state and look forward to continuing to work with them to ensure that Utah’s public lands remain open and accessible,” said Congressman Bishop.  

On March 1, 2011, Congressman Bishop along with the full House Natural Resources Committee held a hearing on the controversial wild lands proposal titled “The Impact of the Administration’s Wild Lands Order on Jobs and Economic Growth.”  Governor Herbert and Idaho Governor Butch Otter both testified during the hearing about the impact the DOI’s wild lands proposal would have on their states. 

In an effort to halt the wild lands proposal in its tracks, Congressman Bishop and other western members including Rep. Mike Simpson (R-ID) have collectively worked to ensure that Secretarial Order #3310 is not implemented.   On April 12, 2011, Bishop announced that the final version of the Continuing Resolution to fund the federal government for FY2011 included a provision to cut any funding for Secretarial Order #3310.   That legislation passed the House and Senate on April 14th and was signed into law by the President.  Bishop is currently working with House appropriators to ensure that a similar provision is included in the FY2012 budget.

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