Bishop proposes constitutional amendment

[WASHINGTON]– Congressman Rob Bishop (UT-01), Co-Chair of the 10th Amendment Task Force, today introduced a proposed amendment to the U.S. Constitution known as the Repeal Amendment, which would provide States with the authority to repeal any federal law, regulation, tax, or unfunded mandate if two-thirds of the States are in agreement. The Repeal Amendment would provide a targeted way to reverse particular congressional acts and administrative regulations the public opposes.

“Recent history has shown that American liberties are threatened when there is an imbalance of power between the federal and state governments.  The Repeal Amendment will provide citizens, through their elected state representatives, with a powerful tool to check an overzealous and power-hungry federal government,” said Congressman Bishop. 

The U.S. Constitution, as drafted by the Founders, designed a system that created a balance of power between state and national government.  That original balance has eroded as the federal government has accumulated more and more power in Washington.  The Repeal Amendment will help restore the spirit of the Tenth Amendment by strengthening the ability of States to protect those powers “reserved to states”—as outlined in the Bill of Rights.

“I’m proud to sponsor the Repeal Amendment in Congress because it is a simple, transparent tool that can help restore balance and reduce the concentration of power in Washington,” Bishop added. “While the Repeal Amendment will not immediately turn the tide of a power-hungry, overreaching national government, it is an arrow in the quiver of states and a solid first step that can be taken to begin restoring the balance of power our Founding Fathers intended when they drafted the Constitution.”


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  1. Midwinter says:

    This didn’t work out so well the first time we tried it.

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