If you’ve gotten lost, misdirected, or otherwise mis-lead, here is the quick list of places to help get you back on track:

The blogs are getting some much-needed TLC. Each blog is being given its own area of the site so each blogger can better manage the overall content of their area. This may lead to broken links in the short term but here’s a quick way you can find what you’re looking for. If the old link was:

and you were trying to get to a story from Charlie’s awesome “Blogging the Rambler,” you’ll need to add a tiny bit to the full URL like this:

Hopefully, you’re not so concerned that you’ll want to go to these lengths, but I wanted to make sure you had the info in the event it was absolutely necessary to re-read Doug waxing poetic about Sarah Palin or that time when Charlie found that one rabbit hole of controversy.

Please direct any problems with this website to

Sincerely, Casey.

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