Defiant Tortoises: “We Don’t Recognize Ranchers’ Authority”

A small crowd blocks the highway in protest of a BLM roundup of animals on public land. A scuffle ensues, civilians are tased and pushed to the ground, but finally, the government officials are driven away. That’ll show ‘em! How … Read More

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Actually… I’m Not Really Compassionate

OK just kidding… anyone who knows me would probably say that isn’t true. But I really don’t like being called compassionate for being vegan. Sometimes when people say that, I go out of my way to chop my spinach extra … Read More

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Yo Ho Ho and a bottle of Happy Valentine’s Day!

I recently had a conversation about my penchant for skull motifs. Someone questioned what it says about our culture that people are so enamored of something so macabre. I simply replied, “Why not? There are disembodied hearts all over the … Read More

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Big Rescue Effort in Ogden Needs Help!

Just a quick post to help bring some much needed attention and help to a group that has rescued 60 dogs from a hoarding situation here in Ogden. Many of these dogs are just puppies. They do not appear to … Read More

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Recipe: Guacalentil Verde

A healthy, low-fat twist on bean dip. It’s like a nutritional trifecta: Fiber – Iron – Protein – and just one ittybitty gram of (healthy) saturated fat, in a creamy, satisfying concoction that can be used as a dip, a … Read More

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Sit Next to a Vegan, PCRM? Okay!

Weight loss on a plant-based diet is a topic that I’ve tended to stay away from on this blog — mainly because (and as a disclaimer) I’m not a dietician. I don’t play one on TV, or on this blog. … Read More

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Utah “Ag-Gag” Bill 187 – What you don’t know CAN hurt you

More than 90% of the meat, eggs, and dairy in the US are produced under conditions that are so cruel, unsanitary, and repulsive, that owners of these businesses want to make sure the public never sees the truth about them. … Read More

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Happy Valentine’s Day: Rum and Chocolate Please!

It’s wonderful to be here, it’s certainly a thrill You’re such a lovely audience we’d like to take you home with us We’d love to take you home. Happy Valentine’s Day from the science lab kitchen here at In A … Read More

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Veganized: Mormon Funeral Potatoes

Some of my vegan friends might find this recipe cringe-worthy, because in fact, funeral potatoes, vegan or not, are sort of a culinary abomination. A tasty, tasty culinary abomination. My friend Doug Gibson posted a link on Facebook to a … Read More

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Eating Wolves is Badass?

I recently mentioned Liam Neeson’s new movie, The Grey, in a previous blog post. Many animal rights activists, including me, find the film’s premise disturbing insofar as its portrayal of wolves is a complete reversal of reality: that wolves are … Read More

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