A chat with heavyweight boxer Henry Namauu

Today’s mini-interview is with professional heavyweight boxer Henry Namauu, (seen (at left) fighting Billy Zumbrun in a Standard-Examiner file photo) of Las Vegas, On Aug. 17, at the Davis Conference Center, Namauu, who turned 29 this week, impressed Top of Utah boxing fans, losing a competitive decision to Ogden’s Zumbrun in a bout for for the Utah Heavyweight Championship. We sure hope to see Namauu back in Utah in the future. Here’s the interview:

1A) Provide age, weight, height and fight style.

Namauu: “I’m 29, … I’m 230 pounds, I’m  6 foot 1 inch and a half, and my fighting style is technical boxer puncher.”

1) What sparked your interest in boxing?

Namauu: “I watch my fights and do my homework on tapes to not just get a feel but to see the competition that is out there and mentally is the battle for me, physically, I am a workhorse and will not be broken. There are a lot of styles out there that I enjoy watching and kind of add to my style, so it’s ever-growing.

“But this moment will always (be) inside me to box because I came from nothing and the odds were always against me from the start. So here, lol, well, that’s a funny story: When I made it to my first college in Montana, I was a Grizzly for a year. I wasn’t able to play football and (was) smoking weed still at the time with a friend out there that likes to rap. He was like ‘Aye fool, I got an audition at the bar to rap but nobody’s gonna come,’ and I was like, ‘I’ll do the club boxing thing and make some money, buy a sack and smoke after your show.’ Well, I did mine like six times before he did his but I loved (boxing) and came home, found UNLV, and the rest is history, lol.

2) What are your goals in your boxing career?

Namauu: “My goals in boxing is to accomplish smaller goals to attain my higher purpose, to become free … in the sense that I am only asked and told what to do by my family and clients and live any life I ‘choose’ for myself to make; my own hours and have the financial freedom to say and do as I please.”

3) What’s the most important training component in boxing?

Namauu: “For me, shadow boxing, it’s the thing (I do most.)  It’s boring, sometimes my mind wanders and I wanna hit the bag or anything else, for that matter. But how can you know how your body will react if you do not continuously go over and over and over … not just the punches, but pivots, movements, and blocks, etc. …

Thanks Henry, and we wish you the best in your career.

There is one more important bit of news to report. There is a new gym in Ogden that is associated with Total Mayhem promoter Isaiah Salazar. The gym is named MMAFIT: Fit Like a Fighter, and is located at 1847 Wall Ave. in Ogden. The gym has a Facebook page — MMAFIT. On Saturday, Sept. 7, the gym will have a grand opening from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. that will include a barbecue from noon to 2 p.m. There will also be the Bully Beatdown Cage from MTV there. The gym is for all persons, not just MMA fighters. There will be classes offered in MMA, boxing jiu-jitsu, kickboxing yoga, etc. For more information, call the gym at 801-644-3235.

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