A chat with MMA pro Kaifah De’Toles; Tinajero to headline boxing card

Kaifah De'€™Toles throws a arsenal of punches at his opponent Curtis Johnsen, at the Legacy Event Center in Farmington, On June 1, 2013 (Brian Wolfer Special to the Standard-Examiner)

This week’s mini-interview is with Kaifah De’Toles, who lives in Orem and trains out of One Hit MMA in Davis County. On June 1, De’Toles scored an impressive first round stoppage over tough veteran Curtis Johnsen. At left is a Standard-Examiner photo from that fight. De’Toles, 39, has a record of 2-1. His only loss is to Clay Collard, one of Utah’s top 155-pound pros. After the fight with Johnsen, both fighters prayed in the middle of the cage. Here’s the interview:

Provide age, weight, height and MMA fight style,

De’Toles: “My age is 39, weight is 155 compete and 170 out of camp, height 5’8.25, style- (freestyle.) I competed in jiu jitsu the most but started wrestling, grappling, boxing and kickboxing all at the age of 32.”

What sparked your interest in mixed martial arts?

De’Toles: “What sparked my interest in MMA was Royce Gracie in UFC 1. What made me want to compete in it is multifaceted but in a nutshell, I wanted to be the example I never had to live a happy life.”

Who are some MMA fighters who inspire you and why?

De’Toles:  ”GSP is at the top of the list. He embodies the martial way, conduct, persona, character and training. He is also an innovator which separates him from the pack. He is elite in every aspect of the game.  Anderson Silva is elite because he uses his ability of superior skill to outwit his opponents. Lets face it, his wrestling sucks but he is great at using jiu jitsu and striking to offset his glaring weakness. Ben Henderson — I met Ben back in 2007 when he and I were some of the first recruited to the MMA Lab in Arizona. I trained with him a few times and the most impressive attribute is his relationship with John Crouch (his coach). They were committed to making him a champion and having a school together. This provided me with the insight to identify which coach I was willing to hold out for in order to make a run in MMA.”

What are your goals in your MMA career?

De’Toles: “My goals are to be the champion in every organization God allows me the opportunity to compete in with the chance for a title. Today it’s SteelFist.”

4) What’s the most important training component in MMA?

De’Toles: “The most important part of training in MMA is the management of time. With so many aspects to learn you need to build a solid foundation in skills and or possess a black belt in wrestling or jiu jitsu in order to make a run. You also need to acquire an elite mindset. Surrounding yourself with people at elite levels of their sports not just MMA. Thank you again. Last but not least: Please check out http://kaifahdetoles.com/

Thanks Kaifah. We look forward to seeing you in the cage again. … Saturday night at Pioneer Stadium in Ogden there will be amateur MMA fights along with motocross. Here’s my Standard-Examiner advance. … The promoter, Total Mayhem, has another card on July 29 at Lindquist Field in Ogden. Sean Powers headlines against Gabe Francis. On July 12 SteelFist has a fight card in SLC. Main event matches Mike Arrant and Carl Diekmann for the Utah 170-pound title. … Jeremy Horn has an MMA card July 19 in SLC.

Boxing: The card for CCC Promotions July 6 boxing card at the Davis Conference Center is taking shape and it looks like it will be a good card. Undefeated Jose Haro is unfortunately out in the main event. The new main event matches Ogden heavyweight Val Tinajero versus Giovanni Serrana. Fighting a co-feature will be Ogden veteran heavyweight Billy Zumbrun, who fights Donnie Davis. Also, Davis County pro Eddie Cordova returns to Utah. Super-middleweight Cordova (3-3-1) has lost on three Golden Boy cards but his opponents have a combined record of 17-0. Also, Golden Gloves champ Jesse West, now a crusierweight, makes his pro debut. Also, Idaho heavyweight Adrian Farmer will be on the card (West beat Farmer in the amateurs). Canadian supermiddleweight undefeated prospect Steve Rolls, who fought in Ogden in March, will return.  Also, on the card will be superprospect  Suhrab Shideav, a 2-0 welterweight who is trained by Freddie Roach. Finally, former heavyweight contender Damian “Bolo” Wills, 30-3, will be on the card starting his comeback. Wills has not fought since August 2011 when he lost to Oliver McCall. Wills will meet Henry Namauu. If this all comes together, this is a great card for the Top of Utah and should not be missed. CCC may have another boxing card in August.

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