A chat with MMA fighter Brandon Rease

This week we have a mini-interview with Top of Utah 135-pounder mixed martial artist Brandon Rease. (shown at left in this SE file photo) The amateur has fought three bouts in the past year. He’s 0-3 but the combined record of his opponents is 4-1 and all of his fights have been competitive. He’ll be looking for a win on the Total Mayhem card planned for June 29 in Ogden at Lindquist Field. Here’s the interview:

1A) Provide age, weight, height and MMA fight style.

Rease: “I’m 22, I fight at 135, my height is 5’8 and my fighting style is Muay Thai and bayless jiu jitsu.”

1) What sparked your interest in mixed martial arts?

Rease: “I grew (up) in a family of martial arts. My grandma and dad were both black belts in Taekwondo and my uncle was a black belt in judo. They all received their belts in Japan and my great grandpa was a boxer for the mob. So you can say I was pretty much destined to be a fighter.”

2) Who are some MMA fighters who inspire you and why?

Rease: “Jon Bones Jones is one because he has chicken legs like me, ha ha, and because how he sets the pace when he fights. He’s so relaxed and calm even when his arm is about to break like when Belfort almost broke it when he had him in an armlock. I can’t say armbar because if my coach reads this he will kick my butt at practice, ha ha. And another fighter who inspires me is Cub Swanson because ever since he was knocked out by Jose Aldo he has been on a mission since to then get back on the top, and that showed me that you can only get better after a loss. And we can’t forget my third favorite fighter, Lucus Montoya. He’s one of the most coolest coaches I have and even though he can’t hang when I pick on him — ha ha, if your reading this Lucus, please don’t hurt me. But whenever I need to work with great fighters, I’ll hit him up and he will get some of Utah’s best fighters to come spar with me. He always motivates me and lets me know I can be a great fighter some day.

3) What are your goals in your MMA career?

Rease: “Pretty much to get my first win in amateurs … ha ha,  and to get noticed by (the) Greg Jackson training camp. Hopefully, (I’ll) be able to go train there or get noticed by Floyd Mayweather and go do some boxing training with him. But I’d really like to make it to the UFC or Bellator, and hopefully open my own gym some day.”

4) What’s the most important training component in MMA?

Rease: “I believe the mind is the most important training component in MMA because if your mind is in the wrong mindset, your training will not go well or even your fight. The mind is very a powerful component in this sport and like Bruce Lee said, ‘Empty your mind, be formless. Shapeless, like water. If you put water into a cup, it becomes the cup. You put water into a bottle and it becomes the bottle. You put it in a teapot, it becomes the teapot. Now, water can flow or it can crash. Be water, my friend.‘”

Thanks Brandon, and good luck on June 29. In other news, Jeremy Horn and The Clash had MMA cards in Salt Lake City and Logan last weekend. At the Horn show, veteran Mike Crisman was the winner in the main event. Results here. At the Clash, local pro Eric Tillotson scored a win. In a preliminary match, Christian Nava and Chuck Fordyce fought a one-round war that had to be stopped due to cuts Nava suffered. Results here. … Total Mayhem has two cards in June. One, as mentioned, is June 29. The other is June 15, and undefeated amateur Ryan Lund will be on that card. On June 1, Lucus Montoya meets Danny August in one of the SteelFist main events at the Legacy Events Center in Farmington. The other main event is a heavyweight bout for the Utah title matching two undefeateds, Salvador Sanchez and Rhett Morehouse. An excellent follow up match for the winner would be against Ogden pro Craig Mock.

Boxing: Several local fighters are set to appear on a CCC Promotions card scheduled for July 6 in Layton. They include Jose Haro, Eddie Cordova, debuting pro Jesse West, and Canadian Steve Rolls, who fought on the May card in Ogden, will again be traveling to the Top of Utah. Ogden’s Val Tinajero and heavyweight Adrian Farmer may also fight separate opponents on the card. Also, there may be an August card from CCC that will headline Utah’s Cesar Olmedo. … A couple of local pros, heavyweight Gary Cobia and crusierweight Charles Presnell, are heading to Montana to fight exhibitions on Aug. 2 for a Boys and Girls Club fundraiser. Cobia fights  Bridger Bercier and Presnell fights Leo Bercier. … Ogden pro cruiserweight Freddie Martinez, who scored a KO win in May, is scheduled to fight in California in June. This weekend, there’s Utah amateur boxing in Salt Lake City. Issac Lugo, Mack Storey, Santana DeCarlo, Preston Tiffany and Dre Gonzales are among locals competing.


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