Ogden’s Alcantara travel to Vernal for MMA fight with Dieckmann

Tomorrow night (Saturday, Jan. 5) in Vernal there’s an intriguing 180-pound pro match between Ogden’s Francisco Alcantara (seen at left, in a past fight versus Val Tinajero, photo by Nick Short/SE) and Vernal’s Carl Dieckmann. The latter (6-1) defeated previously unbeaten Shawn Conroy in the the main event on Dec. 7 at a SteelFist card. Alcantara’s record is 6-8 but that’s deceiving. He lost his first five bouts and then rolled off six wins in seven fights. In his last bout, Alcantara lost a tough bout against Jarome Hatch, 19-16, at Showdown in Orem. 

Some big news from Bellator: Top of Utah MMA pro Rad Martinez, who has seen his featherweight Bellator title fight with Shahbulat Shamhalaev postponed twice, will get to fight for it in SLC at The Maverick Center, Feb. 21. The bout will also be live on Spike TV.

On Jan. 12, at the Jeremy Horn card in SLC, Ogden amateurs Miles Welk and Matt Nestico will be fighting. Aaron Sutton, who won at the Total Mayhem card on New Year’s Eve in Ogden, will be fighting on an MMA card on Jan. 12 in Idaho Falls. Ogden’s Patrick Reeves, who saw his Dec. 31 fight fall through at the last minute, will headline a Total Mayhem card on March 2. He’ll meet Jordan Chandler. Finally, SteelFist’s Jan. 25 card matches Ogden’s Cole Rose against Jared Hatch in the main event.

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