A chat with MMA pro Rachel Kemker

This week’s mini-interview is with Rachel Kemker, (at left) of Sandy, who is an MMA professional fighter. It’s great to see women involved in MMA and boxing. There’s no reason there shouldn’t be participation from both sexes.

1A) Provide age, weight, height and MMA fight style
Kemker: “I’m 26, 230 pounds, and my MMA style is Muay Thai.”

1) What sparked your interest in mixed martial arts?
Kemker: “I have always been into contact sports, hockey, football, anything girls weren’t supposed to do. I always wanted to show girls can do what guys do. I saw some local shows and got into The UCE and the rest is history.”

2) Who are some MMA fighters who inspire you and why?
Kemker: “Jules Winter, she is my teammate and a excellent example to me she is always working hard and dedicated. Curtis Johnsen, he is a local fighter and my friend. He is very dedicated no matter how hard or difficult it is for him to train and fight, he always gets in there and does it. GSP he is a true warrior, he has respect for himself and his opponents no matter what.

3) What are your goals in your MMA career?
Kemker: “My goals in MMA are to drop weight, first to 205, then 185, and my ultimate goal of 160 and then will be able to find more fights. I always want to be involved in MMA even if its not fighting, I love to help teach, (and) support my team.”

4) What’s the most important training component in MMA?
Kemker: “The most important part of training is not training so hard you’re getting hurt and injured, but not training too soft that your not ready for the cage!”

Thanks Rachel, and good luck in the future. Next week’s interview is with Ogden cruiserweight boxer Charles Presnell. This weekend Clearfield heavyweight Gary Cobia fights Javier Torres in Indio, Calif. … I’ll be at the SteelFist card tonight helping Jeffrey “Dutch” Meyer with FightingOutofNet blog. Unfortunately, Ogden’s Jon Neal, who was supposed to headline the card against Curtis Johnsen, was injured late this week training. We wish Jon a short rehab so he can get back in the game.

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