A chat with MMA pro Steven Walser

This week’s mini-interview is with mixed martial arts professional Steven Walser. The Richfield resident is shown at left (on top), defeating Dave Foley on June 25, 2011 (photo by Erin Hooley).  Steven has also fought Carl Dieckmann, Lucus Montoya, Drayton Woods and Clay Collard.

Provide age, weight, height and MMA fight style.
Walser: “I’m 32 years old, weigh, 155 pounds, I’m 5 foot 9 inches and I am a wrestler, bjj practitioner, boxer and (do) karate.”

1) What sparked your interest in mixed martial arts?
Walser: “At first) to lose weight and get back in to shape, (and)  then I just wanted to try it out.”

2) Who are some MMA fighters who inspire you and why?
Walser: “George St. Pierre, he’s humble and doesn’t run his mounth. He lets what he does in the cage do the talking. He never quits and works extremely hard.”

3) What are your goals in your MMA career?
Walser: “To become the best fighter that I can and to teach what I know to the next generation and to grow the sport.”

4) What’s the most important training component in MMA?
Walser: “It would be a toss up between strength/conditioning and technique.”

Thanks Steven. I’ve been a fan since I watched you grit out a tough win over Foley, who is one of my favorite fighters. Next week’s interview is with Rachel Kemker, MMA fighter from Sandy. I have several boxers and fighters who have been sent the interviews and I hope to get their responses so they can be featured. … I chatted with Jon Neal, who in a week headlines the SteelFist card in SLC. Neal, 4-0, fights Curtis Johnsen. Info is here. Ogden fighters Shawn Conroy and Justin Roberts will separate bouts in December for SteelFist. The undefeated Conroy will meet the undefeated  Dieckmann. … West Jordan’s Rad Martinez fights Nazareno Malegarie on Bellator 76 tonight. Show starts at 6 on MTV2. (Update: Martinez won a three-round decision)

Boxing: Chris Fernandez will defend his WBU welterweight world title against Allen Litzau on Dec. 15 at the SouthTowne Expo Center. Undefeated Jose Haro will fight Chris Montoya as well. Also, Ogden Freddie Martinez will fight David Madrid. Clearfield heavyweight Gary Cobia may fight Dennis Stoffers on the card as well. Gary tells me he has a fight on Oct. 19 in Indio, Calif., against Javier Torres. We wish him luck. … Last week in Pocatello, Ogden amateur heavyweight Jesse West avenged an earlier loss with a clear decision over Ben Ferrin. Also, Dre Gonzales, amateur from Ogden, defeated Robert Perez.

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