Herbert, who hates all things fed, demands more fed oversight


So Gary Herbert, our governor, who regularly slams fedreal government overreach and excess and so on and so forth, now blames the fed because it didn’t lean on Chevron enough to keep its pipelines from leaking oil all over the Bear River Bird Refuge, which Herbert would probably like to take away from the feds because the feds are just evil.

All in this story (click) which Gary finds the continual leaks from Chevron pipelines “unacceptable.” Really glad to see he’s bringing out the oratorical big guns on this one. “Unacceptable” is right up there with “icky” and “naughty” in the lexicon of politicians who want to express rage without offending a potential campaign donor.

I wish Gary would make up his mind. Is the fed evil, or good? Or is it only evil when it is owning land in Utah, but it’s good when it is giving Utah money?

As Wallace Stegner said, the classic attitude of westerners everywhere is “Get that gol-darned federal government off my back and hurry up with my crop subsidy check!”

So we know that Gary is a true westerner, anyway. And, apparently, an angry one, at last.


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15 Responses to Herbert, who hates all things fed, demands more fed oversight

  1. laytonian says:

    Kinda like Mia Love asking for FEMA to clean up the flooding that followed the hill-stripping Dump Fire (started by target shooters).

    FEMA bad.
    Environmental concerns: bad
    Gun shooting: good

  2. Dovie says:

    I know. Ironic, huh? “The Feds aren’t regulating things good enough”. Where does that fit with Utah’s Tea Partin’ stance? What hypocrites.

    My Tea Party neighbor got a new FEMA roof when it was offered, although I could see nothing wrong with his roof. I might listen to their arguments if I saw one of THEM give up something the guvmint offered them for free.

    • Artcore says:

      We Tea Party folks (read; Conservatives) are not anti-Federal Government. We pay Federal Taxes, and understand there is a role for our Federal Government. It’s when the Federal Government oversteps its bounds that we have a problem. You know, like taking over our healthcare system, denying states the right to protect their citizens from the onslaught of illegal aliens, taking measures to restrict our Second Amendment Rights and so on.

      The Federal Government’s primary role is to protect the lives of American citizens. It’s in this role that our Glorious Dear Leader is utterly complicit. He’s taking measures to keep our borders wide open, he let Americans die in Benghazi, and he’s drastically cutting our military, while Iran, North Korea and other such tyrannical nations draw closer to having nuclear weapons.

      Drill Baby Drill! (Now let me see…who said that? ;-) )

      • Neal Cassidy says:

        Immigration is the job of the Federal government as stated in the constitution. The defense budget is not being gutted. it is larger now than 10 years ago. Were you upset with all the Americans killed on 9/11 because Bush ignored a Presedental Briefing Order(CIA assessment) “Bin Laden determined to attack in the US” Your outrage is very selective. We do not have overregulation. We have underenforcement.

        • Ephriam Wordsmith says:

          Utah Governor, Honorable Herbert.
          Let’s read the “Writing on the wall”, or the
          “ZION curtain”. What ever “STATE” of evolution the populus finds itself in.
          With [Obamacrats] striking down the Supreme Courts ruling on “Same Sex Attraction” issues, would it not be prudent to ascertain that the majority of “same sex couples” are living in a virtual “STATE” of denile?!!
          What ever the Federal Constitution listeth,
          May God Bless.

    • Baron says:

      A socialists at heart……. Did you notice “free?” These folks think government money is free money. Taken from others, its theirs.

      I doubt the roof was not damaged. Because if not damaged as said by Dovie, we must all conclude that the government FEMA employee was incompetent and gave a new roof. There is an awful lot of incompetency in big government. So which is it? It was damaged or FEMA big government incompetency?

  3. Bob Becker says:

    Boy , did you guys miss a grabber of a headline: “Herbert Demands More Federal Regulation of Oil Industry In Utah.”

    • North Salt Lakes' Gasoline Alley says:

      Yes, I read the article on “Oil Refinery”.
      It is “fine”.
      The headline requires “alot more refining”.

  4. KSansone says:

    Love it!

  5. Ordell Mindrum says:

    There is a reason that the Sierra Club is asking for contributions to fight our Utah Gov. He is a wolf in a sheep suit he bought at Mr. Mac. No western Gov is doing more to destroy the environment while asking for all the federal money he can suck in.

    • Artcore says:

      I’ve been hearing this “We’re destroying the environment” by environmental nutcases since I was a kid. Back in the 1970s, the same idiots who are now claiming AGW will destroy the environment were warning of an impending Ice Age.

      All this environmental garbage as nothing to do with the environment, but everything to do with controlling every aspect of people’s lives.

      Sorry, but most people don’t listen to the environmentalist extremists that much anymore. That’s why the myth of AGW is down near the bottom of important issues with everyday folks. I guess this is why the environuts had to change the premise of AGW to “Climate Change.” You can only cry wolf so many times before people stop taking you seriously and conclude you’re full of crap.

  6. Neal Cassidy says:

    Od course Governor Herbert wants more oversight of the pipeline. He is afraid it might be converted from a oil pipeline to alcoho pipeline..

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  8. Baron says:

    It tough to have a conversation with Charles and/or other socialists. They want to always go to the extreme. This argument is just like gun control. We have plenty of “regulations” what we don’t have by the federal government is effective enforcement of current on the book laws.

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