Ogden Hinkley loses tower to Utah demands for federal cuts

Well, what the heck did you expect?

You red state Tea Party GOP “cut federal spending now!” fanatics yelled and screamed and hollered and moaned and demanded cuts in federal spending, but were so opposed to any reasonable discussion or compromise on the issue that you pretty much guaranteed the worst possible type of cuts, which is the current sequester.

This requires federal agencies to slice large percentages of what remains of this year’s budgets off the top. The military is furloughing people and delaying maintenance, the White House is closing off tours, the House of Representatives is doing nothing because the GOP in charge there says all the visible cuts are just for show, and federal programs for the poor everywhere are facing cuts.

And Ogden is losing its airport tower, (click) courtesy of the FAA.

There will be the usual moaning and groaning. Republicans in other states, guys who screamed loud and long for federal spending cuts, are now working hard to get exemptions to save the towers in their districts, and I’m sure Utah’s will do the same.

Others will say that the Obama administration is just doing this to make people think the sequester is some horrible thing, that it could really cut $85 billion in ways that wouldn’t harm a flea, probably by cutting out all the free housing, food, medical care and schooling that illegal immigrants are lapping up.

They aren’t lapping it up. It is illegal for illegals to get any of that aid beyond basic emergency room help, food bank food and other charity, but that won’t stop some from claiming the entire $85 billion could be found that way anyway. Such are the power of delusion and lies.

But, seriously, this is a real cut, it’s going down, deal with it.

This is particularly sad because Ogden has worked for decades to maintain an active and commercially viable airport to serve local businesses and, now, even commercial passenger flights. An airport is a huge asset to a growing community, something Weber officials have worked to maintain since the 1940s.

And now the tower, a critical part of that, is going to shut down, courtesy of massive demands by Utah’s red state Tea Party government spending hawks for federal spending cuts.

Well folks who wanted this, you “we built that ourselves without the federal government” types who think the government is do darn bad, you got it, and you can all get together, pool your funds, and hire yourself some air traffic controllers to take over the airport.

They make about $100,000 or so a year, the tower probably uses three or four, plus overhead. Probably a million or so a year will handle it.

You guys who all hate the federal government so much, who say you did it yourself? Well now you can.

Happy now?

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26 Responses to Ogden Hinkley loses tower to Utah demands for federal cuts

  1. laytonian says:

    Spot on, Charlie.

    But! But! “We didn’t think it would happen to US! We’re the impervious Republicans of Utah, who always take personal responsibility and never ask for Federal monies.”

    Unless you’re Mia Love after a fire started by run-amok shooters, unless you’re Rob Bishop crying about Hill AFB, unless you’re Orrin Hatch wanting subsidies for “supplements”.

    Then it’s OK.

    • Charles Trentelman says:

      Unless you’re weber or davis or box elder or morgan or cache counties crying for federal disaster aid after flooding two years ago.

      Unless you’re Utah rebuilding $3 billion in roads to host the Olympic Games in 2002 and want to claim that you did it at a profit.

  2. hendrfc says:

    You know it Charlie! You get what you vote for! Wouldn’t be surprised at all if HAFB is up for cuts next. With Nellis, Mountain Home and Hill so close together, and anyone of which can support the Dugway training range, anything can happen.

  3. Dave says:

    I couldn’t have said it better myself, I remember when the legislature officially and publicly denounced the Federal government during their session either last year or the year before, and announced that Utah can take care of itself. Utah turned around and re-elected most of those buffoons, and here we are. I hope it doesn’t get worse.

  4. Bob Becker says:

    Good column.

    • Zen Wordsmith says:

      Good column Charlie.
      Keep em’ guessing. I still don’t think they’ll be supported
      by Mountain Home AFB, [Hill], and or Dugway, in there
      quest for “air-logistic” superiority.

  5. James says:

    What grumbling? You libtards keep trying to fan the flames where no fire exists. I for one am happy to see the sequestering take place. It may not be the cuts in the places I want but at this point I will take what I can. By the way I am a republican. l

  6. Chris says:

    What is a libtard?

    • Kim Kasey says:

      It’s James’ way of resting easy at night knowing he called you a bad name. Way to go, chief. Very clever, indeed.

  7. hawg says:

    I think I’ll broaden my “tolerant diversity” and take the liberal mind set here, ala gun control mode.

    cut the tower, I’m not a pilot.

  8. Joseph W. says:

    “Red state GOP Tea Party fanatics”? Stay classy, Mr. Trentelman.

    Your demonizing of the Right is straight out of Marx’s playbook. It’s the only thing the Left is good at.

    And, because liberals/Leftists/progressives are infamous for taking things out of context, no, I’m not calling you a Marxist only that you are using a classic Marxist strategy: Demonize your opponents to the point where everyone thinks they’re evil so they (your opponents) will no longer be listened to.

  9. Brent Glines says:

    Nonsense. What Republicans expected what what the President suggested when the White House first offered the sequester as a means of resolving the budget impasse in the first place, and that was since no one wanted stupid, across the board spending cuts, the Senate would finally submit a budget that included smart bipartisan spending cuts. That was the promise in 2011 when the sequester plan was approved.

    Instead, in order to engage in a round of handwringing, and saying “Well, we are now forced to raise taxes to avoid sequestration”, the Senate didn’t pass a budget, even though Republicans in the House passed several budgets that would have avoided sequestration. So Obama has his crisis to use to demand tax increases, the country has to face a round of stupid spending cuts, and Ogden Hinkley loses it’s tower.

    I’m having a hard time seeing how this can be laid at the doors of Republicans .

    • Steve says:

      Not too hard to figure it out! Republicans control congress and are being so darn stupid and demanding to get their way, they have stopped any and all budgets recommended by anyone but themselves!

  10. Tom says:

    I have a long history with airplanes and airports and can tell you without doubt that the amount of “good” a general aviation field like the Ogden airport does for a community is mostly geared toward private airplane owners and business owners owned by airplane buffs. The hoi polloi get very little tangible benefit from an GA airport in their town, yet news organization routinely and without question buy into this nonsense of how critical an airport like Ogden’s is to the community.
    Most of these airports are nothing more than a subsidy for the wealthy airplane owners. The Rich Boys and their Toys welfare subsidy from the government.
    I think in a lot of cases these same rich fly boys are the first to yell and scream about government overspending and how evil Obama is, yet are also the first to cry and fret when that same government cuts back on their airport (playground) spending.
    There are a whole lot of more busy airports than Ogden that do just fine without controllers.

  11. Tommyboy says:

    There are 3 control towers within 20 miles, Hill, SLC and OGD. I’m sure SLC and Hill could cover the couple flights a day out of OGD.

    • Tom says:

      Those flights do not need a control tower to operate in and out of the airport. Neither does the general aviation activity that is the back bone of the Ogden airport. There is a huge number of airports in the US that are not controlled. They use a system called UNICOM where pilots coming and going into the system talk to each other and report on their on location and activity. All follow a well thought out and established set of rules. It all works fine unless the airfield gets real busy on a regular basis. And yes, there is a lot of commercial airline service in and out of these same uncontrolled airports.

      • Tommyboy says:

        Granted they can, but Allegiant may have internal policies preventing. I’m not concerned with GA. (I am well versed in 135 and 121 operations)

  12. Artcore says:


    With all due respect, it is amazing how dumb, and just plain lazy liberals like yourself are. Do you actually research any of the things you ramble on about (No pun intended)? It’s apparent from this drivel you posted; the words of your merciful messiah (That would be Obama) seem to be all you need in forming your baseless conclusions.

    Sequestration was Obama’s idea. I know Fox News makes you breakout into a cold sweat, but Bret Baire on his Special Report program got Jay Carney to concede this fact: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AIGCWLqQaAE At approximately the 1:12 mark, Carney finally admits this fact.

    Still don’t believe sequestration was Obama’s idea? Chew on this: of all people, Bob Woodward (of Watergate fame) obtained a copy of the document with these proposed sequestration cuts from White House Legislative Affairs Director Rob Nabors: http://presspass.nbcnews.com/_news/2012/11/11/15089281-white-house-grand-bargain-offer-to-speaker-boehner-obtained-by-bob-woodward?lite Wow, who would’ve thunk it?

    Since Obama is never seen as governing, and has ample cover from the complicit Democrat Party Media, he can go out and speak of all of the woes that sequestration will bring our nation, even though he was the author! Only in 21st Century America!

    It’s funny watching you and other libs wringing your hands about the cuts that will affect Ogden Hinckley Tower, but had no problem with Obama raping Medicare of $716 Billion to help pay for the disaster known as ObamaCare. Guess how many medical providers/facilities were forced to stop proving services due to this cut in Medicare? Lots and lots! We’re heading the way of Greece at lightning speed due to our entitlement mentality in this country. When China decides to stop paying for our debt, we will be truly screwed.

    Like a good liberal, I’m sure these little sequestration facts won’t make you doubt your messiah Obama. After all, it’s George W. Bush’s fault! ;-)

    • Tom says:

      Your ignorance is sweeping, and in this case fully demonstrated by your dragging out the silly, and totally discredited, nonsense about how the new health laws “raped” medicare of $700 billion.
      I’m surprised that you didn’t figure a way to drag in the old “birther” idiocy you and your fellow numb skulls are so fond of.

      • Artcore says:

        Tom said:

        “Your ignorance is sweeping, and in this case fully demonstrated by your dragging out the silly, and totally discredited, nonsense about how the new health laws “raped” medicare of $700 billion.”

        Are you incapable of research?

        Here’s the report from the Congressional Budget Office detailing how our Dear Leader was planning on “raping” Medicare: http://www.cbo.gov/sites/default/files/cbofiles/attachments/43471-hr6079.pdf

        This requires reading, so hopefully you can get enough synopsis firing to comprehend what’s being discussed.

        “I’m surprised that you didn’t figure a way to drag in the old ‘birther’ idiocy you and your fellow numb skulls are so fond of.”

        Nice attempt at trying to change the subject Tom; now why don’t you deal with the facts that the sequestration was Obama’s brainchild.

        Facts are just so bothersome and unfair to an aspiring totalitarian and his useful idiots.

        • ctrentelman says:

          the 700 billion is really just reduced growth in medicare advantage, but even if everyonce cedes that it is a horrible thing to do, you, Mr. Artcore, must be aware that the Republican budget put forth with much hoopla by Rep. Ryan also includes keeping that $700 billion reduction, and in fact also needs it desperately to make his budget sort of balance, maybe, assuming all his other assumptions and wishes come true.

          So watch out who you’re accusing of rape.

    • Steve says:

      Well one part of what you said is true! “It is Bushes fault”

      • Artcore says:


        You libs are so utterly predictable…and pathetic.

        Care to now address the fact that Sequestration was Obama’s idea? Of course you don’t…that would require you to look at facts and truth, and we can’t have that now can we? Wait till you see what’s coming with ObamaCare…you’ll definitely have to deny reality even more then.

        Anything for your Dear Leader. ;-)

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