How will the Legislature deal with no skiing?

So, here we are, December and the ski resorts are finally, sort of, maybe, getting their skiing operations going. Snowbasin finally opened top-to-botton on Dec. 9 and has a whopping 25 inch base. No Nordic skiing because, I suspect, there is not enough snow on the trails yet.

Oh well, my snowshoes will keep.

But for how long will I have to keep them?

All experts are careful to say that one winter does not prove or disprove climate change, but a series of winters does when the model for climate change is not necessarily just warmer winters, but more extreme winters and summers,  with the same snow overall but packed into one or two whopper storms.

What if they’re right about that? That’s what we’ve had of late.

Not just Utah. This story (click) looks at it nationwide. Everywhere it’s the same — less snow, warmer temps, snow melting after it falls in lower elevations, and this is the long-term trend.

Utah’s legislature, years ago, approved a tax break for ski resorts that costs Utah a chunk of money but was intended to boost the economy. Now those same resorts face another threat, which will also hurt Utah’s economy, and the threat sure as heck seems to be the weather.

It will be interesting to see what they come up with next. They could work for cleaner air, fuel conservation, fewer carbon emissions overall and a generally cleaner Utah, which would benefit everyone who breathes. More than 95 percent of all climate scientists say that human activity is causing climate change, after all, but even if they’re all wrong, hey, we end up with a nicer place to live?

Or they could do nothing. This is the same Legislature that annually passes resolutions condemning climate change as a myth, or a scam, of course. Pols voting for those resolutions all get large campaign donations from auto-related interests, but who am I to draw a conclusion?

This is also about money. Those guys don’t know beans about weather or science, but they do know how to count  money.

Maybe we should point out to them that a clean environment will help attract some new recreation businesses after the ski resorts go bust because there’s no snow any more.


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3 Responses to How will the Legislature deal with no skiing?

  1. Peggy says:

    For years now I’ve been preaching EXACTLY this: ski resorts have been – for maybe twenty or so years now – a terrible investment with NO long-term future (as SKI resorts)!

  2. Brent Glines says:

    I don’t know, Charles. Even the IPCC is admitting that science behind AGW is getting shakey.

  3. Stormin Norman says:

    Do you really believe Utah pollution is causing less cold and snow in Utah?? Do you also believe the world is flat? Please provide any statistics that conclude local weather is caused by local pollution!

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