37 percent raise for Gov. Herbert — Are they nuts??

OK, this morning’s outrage: A state commission reports back that Gov. Herbert and “other top officials” get 37 percent pay raises this year.

State employees haven’t had any pay raise in 3  years, maybe 4.

None, Zero. Bupkis.

And the governor should get a 37 percent raise?

I love this: They want the pay to be high enough so that the governor doesn’t have to be independently wealthy to hold his job.


I am guessing this did not occure to them.

Final point: It is a maxim in the military that  the commander should be willing to do anything his troops will be asked to do. That’s called leadership.

So, I expect Gov. Herbert to issue a statement today denying any consideration of this pay hike for him or anyone else in his administration until a pay raise of equal amount is approved for all state employees, including school teachers.

Admission of conflict of interest: My wife works for the state. Neither she nor I  have had a pay raise in 3 years. If Gov. Herbert gets one, so should the rest of us.

If you agree, feel free to call the governor’s office and say so 801-538-1000 and ask for “the gov.”

Other contact info:

Utah Governor’s Office

Utah State Capitol Complex
350 North State Street, Suite 200
PO Box 142220
Salt Lake City, Utah 84114-2220
Phone: 801-538-1000
Toll Free: 800-705-2464

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10 Responses to 37 percent raise for Gov. Herbert — Are they nuts??

  1. Tom says:

    A common Trentelman, the Governor deserves a big fat raise. After all, it ain’t easy work to cancel a major road contract, pay off the cancelled company $13 million or so in shut up money, give the billion dollar contract to your buddies who contribute a sh_t load of money to your political campaign, then smooth over the resulting public furor with loads of BS salve, a big cheezy smile and your best “what me worry” face, thus making the whole sorry affair go away as if nothing went down that you wouldn’t see in Sunday school. The guy is either an evil genius or the voting public are totally clueless – and we know that ain’t likely given we live in the smartest most well managed state in the whole U.S. of A.

  2. Dave Thomas says:

    $150,00 would make ME independently wealthy.

    I wonder if anyone on that commission is a top exec at Hostess.

  3. Stormin Norman says:

    Utah is soo politically corrupt. Let Herbert and the others get other jobs if their current salary is not enough —— there are plenty of other people that would want those jobs at the current salary!

  4. Bones says:

    He is a lier and a cheater…just like mormon mitt! If you are LDS and support herbie then you need psychological help! I can not stand a hypocrit especially if he is a latter day saint,J Smith and B Young are rolling in their grave!

    • Stormin Norman says:

      Actually, if there is a God, Joseph and Brigham would definitely be in Hell for their sexual escapades and fraud they have perpetuated in the name of Jesus Christ. Time for mormons to open their eyes to the largest scam in Utah —- http://mormonthink.com/

  5. Mike says:

    Yes, they are nuts!!! They are drunk with power and why shouldn’t they be? It’s not like the citizens are going to do anything about it. I’m sure Herbert would love to get some calls from his subjects begging him not to rip them off anymore. How pathetic is it that all we can do is beg him not to take the raise? It’s no wonder why these politicians treat us the way they do! If government wasn’t a monopoly we could say we aren’t going to pay for your “services” of governing us, but people have been indoctrinated by government schools to believe we must have government or it will be chaos & mayhem. What a joke we have become! I’m sure Gary Herbert will get a real kick out of this.

  6. Chris Britton says:

    Where did I miss that this was an LDS issue? Trolls and cowards dont use their names (Crazy Norman and Bones). However regardless the religious affiliation Gov Herbert and others should reject these raises at this point in our economic history. Utah is doing ok but there are 23 million out You have a schedule? work. Lets all tighten our belts while we ride the aweful wave this Pres and Dems have put us on and make the most of it.

  7. mohokat says:

    It is very rare that I agree with Trentleman although I would wager that if we had a Democratic Gov. this story would have a different twist. As far as your wife not having a raise for three years. Cry me river. I have lost income the last four years. So boo hoo Charlie.

    • ctrentelman says:

      sorry mo, but your own biases are showing — if a D governor were asking/being offered this sort of raise I’d be equally offended, as I presume would you.

      Sorry about your own income. Obviously, according to Mitt Romney anyway, you are doing something wrong. Probably not working hard enough.

  8. Bones says:

    “Trolls and cowards dont use their names (Crazy Norman and Bones)” Is that right Mr Britton? or should I say Mr Chris Bitton(Weber County Sheriff Deputy)
    This is exactly what I am talking about, you’re a hypocrytical dirty cop who thinks he is above the law and you have been discovered by one who you have harassed for years. Now its time for everyone to know about you’re rotten ways! Just watch and you shall see!

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