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How will the Legislature deal with no skiing?

So, here we are, December and the ski resorts are finally, sort of, maybe, getting their skiing operations going. Snowbasin finally opened top-to-botton on Dec. 9 and has a whopping 25 inch base. No Nordic skiing because, I suspect, there … Read More

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Require helmets on motorcycles? Here we go again…

Hard not to admire an exercise in futility when you see one cranking up. So, take a gander at GOP Rep. Ted Weiler, Woods Cross, proposing a mandatory helmet law. (click) for motorcycles. Yeah, right, dude. Good luck. These come … Read More

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37 percent raise for Gov. Herbert — Are they nuts??

OK, this morning’s outrage: A state commission reports back that Gov. Herbert and “other top officials” get 37 percent pay raises this year. State employees haven’t had any pay raise in 3  years, maybe 4. None, Zero. Bupkis. And the … Read More

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