What, we’re at war?

I keep telling people that The Onion, allegedly a satire news site, is increasingly not satire but riveting social commentary.

Want proof? Check out this (click) story on how the nation, to its horror, has discovered that there is a raging bloody war going on in Afghanistan because it was looking for more stories about sex scandals among army generals and CIA directors and stumbled across a story about (gasp!) this war going on.

Satire? No. True.

2000 dead soldiers and counting. Dozens of thousands of civilians and counting. On our way to spending a second trillion dollars. Did you notice how warlords are gathering troops to crank up the civil war after we leave in 2014?  True.

But, ooh! As the story says — here’s a story about Elmo and his puppeteer in a sex scandal…tell me more!!!

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3 Responses to What, we’re at war?

  1. Decider says:

    “Did you notice how warlords are gathering troops to crank up the Civil War after we leave in 2014?”

    Charles, I’m confused — are you referring to the “old” war in Afghanistan, or the “new” war in Texas — my bad !

  2. Bob Becker says:

    The only daily reminder I see appears in the NYTimes which prints “Names of the Dead” in each issue. The lists have become mercifully short now, but they’re still there.

  3. hawg says:

    you sound surprised yourself? do you also realize we still have guantanemo open? no, really.
    it’s your people (loosely described as journalists) that want us to look at elmo not obama.

    embassy got bombed?? no shyt? muslims OK?

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