Poor GOP-Nobody to blame but themselves

Interesting to see all the recriminations over who is to “blame” for Mitt Romney losing the election.

Was it all the ugly things Obama said about him? This very newspaper’s editorial page says so, but I beg to differ — to believe this one has to believe that Mitt Romney was somehow saddled with only being able to run ads that were pure as driven snow true and un-challengable, while his opponent was free to lie and throw dirt.

We are expected to forget that Mitt didn’t get 19 “Pants on fire” ratings for his ads and statements, meaning blatant lies, while Obama’s seven somehow overshadow that.

No. both sides fired a lot of slime, and Mitt fired more.  To accuse Obama of being that big bad bully just doesn’t wash.

Then there’s how Mitt ran his race. Huge story in the Washington Post (click) pondering the timing of his various stances, his performance in the first debate, the strategy of his political advisors and on and on. There’s so much finger pointing going on someone is going to lose an eye.

Could have had something to do with it. Hard to say, but I’ve always suspected that the power of this sort of political manipulation to move large crowds of people loses its force in a situation like a major campaign.

The ads come so fast and furious that people are numb after a while, although Romney’s ad about Jeep production going to China was so egregious, so blatant, I cannot get past believing it really hurt him in Ohio. People are not stupid.

Glenn Kessler, the fact checker at the Washington Post, has an interesting look at the ad situation here (click). If Romeny’s ads were not as effective as Obama’s, it certainly isn’t for lack of trying, however.

Romney’s forey into Pennsylvania a couple days before the election smelled of desperation, as did his silly canned food drive photo-op campaign event. If Obama really did use Hurricane Sandy to corral Gov. Christie into helping his campaign, well, politicians always like to say that the best campaign tactic is to do a good job at what you are elected to do.

It became awful hard for Romney to hammer Obama on his poor performance as President amid pictures of Obama hugging storm victims and Christie giving the guy high fives. Meanwhile, there’s Romey with a can of soup.

All those things add up, but the biggie is that the GOP base, the rock solid foundation of the Romney campaign, is fighting against a demographic shift in this country that there is no way to avoid. Romney got a vast majority of white voters, but white voters are a declining percentage of this country’s population mix. That shift is neither good nor bad, it just is, and the  GOP better figure that out.

 The party is searching for tokens — Mia Love and Bobby Jindel? — but the faces at its last convention were a sea of white, no way around that. Which is odd — there are gay and black and female conservatives, maybe it’s time for the GOP to quit taking small-minded  sides in issues that drive those groups away. Why does anyone who is gay vote Republican? Might as well slap yourself. Even Dick Cheney, whose gay daughter has married  her partner, is in favor of gay marriage. Why should his daughter be driven away from her father’s party?

The party needs new blood. All those old folk wandering around Tea Party and GOP rallies wearing tea bags on their hats and swinging flags and copies of the Constitution are very fervent, and very angry but they’re also –like the vast majority of people who still subscribe to newspaper print editions — old, getting older and not being replaced.

Obama’s campaign workers specifically targeted young people, poor people, minorities and others. It paid off. Hispanics in this country are growing as a percentage of the whole. In not too many years — isn’t it by 2030? I dunno — the white population will dip below 50 percent and stay there.

Of course it helped that the extremist whackos in the GOP, as I said election night, forced the party to select politicians who those whackos favored, or to adopt positions that they favored to keep them happy.

Those positions, which Romney was more than happy to espouse during the early debates, came back to haunt him with a vengence, usually in the “attack ads” that are now considered to have been so unfair.

The vast majority of American voters are not extremists. They’re moderate to conservative, they resist change, they want things to go well without huge disruptions. They have a gut-level resistance to messing with their neighbor’s morals. They want the garbage collected, the streets paved and kept clear, the lights on and the bills paid.

They’re kind and want their government to reflect that. They, as I, are thoroughly sick of the politics of extremism and hate.

The sooner the Republican party figures this out, the better we’ll all be. If they do that, and nominate Jon Huntsman in 2016, they may even have a chance at winning.

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16 Responses to Poor GOP-Nobody to blame but themselves

  1. Steve says:

    Great Editorial! I got a great laugh from it. Maybe they should place the writer of this mornings editoral in the cartoon section, and let him write there. He/She is funny and writes funny stuff!

  2. Sharon Wendt says:

    So true.

  3. Mike Johnson says:

    What you wrote is all true. There is a moral to this story. People do expect faults to be found in every president by their opposition. This is a useful and healthy part of the exchange required in a democracy. When you whine and moan not matter what a president does you become just a crybaby devoid of credibility.

    You alienate people by insulting them telling them what are obvious lies. The Obama is a socialist backfired because it failed muster like the story about Obama following Islam.

    Obama wasn’t messiah. People weren’t doped voting for Obama.

    Conservatives need hate and fear to hold their flock together. It you are watching the extremism that the conservative media had to invoke to rally their forces you saw little you could relate you.

    • mike says:

      Sure….. No hate and fear on the Left. ” Romney kills peoples wives,” He will ship your job and your mother to China, He is a liar. But I guess one party’s hate is another party’s “truth.”

  4. Despite all odds, our President prevailed. He still has an uphill battle fighting a Red House which has blocked his every move in an attempt to squash his goals of bringing the Middle Class equal pay, women’s rights, gay rights and affordable healthcare. The Bush Administration drove our economy into a swift nose dive and Obama is still the patsy. Watch conservative hands paint him in Blackface with a visual commentary of how Barack has been bamboozled at http://dregstudiosart.blogspot.com/2012/10/bamboozling-obama.html

  5. kent coleman says:

    Before Branch Rickey of the Brooklyn Dodgers brought Jackie Robinson into the major leagues ,he brought him into his office and called him every derogatory name he could think of and then he said this is what you are going to face every day of your life in baseball.

    The same has been true with President Obama ,his wife Michelle ,and his two children.

    They have been attacked by right wing 24/7 hate radio for four years.

    Can anyone imagine what would have happened if :Eleanor Roosevelt,Bess Truman,Mamie Eisenhower,Jacqueline Kennedy,Claudia (Lady Bird) Johnson, Pat Nixon , Betty Ford, Rosalynn Carter , Nancy Reagan , Barbara Bush, would have been so viciously attacked on a daily basis.

    It became a almost normal to attack Hillary Clinton by right wing media and exploded when Michelle Obama became First Lady.

    At long last as someone once told Joseph McCarthy “Have you no DECENCY”.

  6. Bob Becker says:

    Good column.
    Good column.
    One note re: Gov. Bobby Jindall of Louisiana. He is one of the Creationist wingnuts and is working hard to shunt public money in La. to Christian academies where young earth creationism is taught as science. He may be a token non-old angry white guy for the GOP to hug, but he’s not from the moderate right center that used to make up Republican majorities.

    • Neal Cassidy says:

      I marvel at the way the far right fundamentist attack and ridicule the theory of evolution but get irrational when someone calls the creation of earth in Genesis as the ‘theory of creation’. If religion is taught in public schools will churches begin to teach mathmatics?

  7. Dovie says:

    Trib says Huntsman being considered for Secretary of State. The Obama administration is willing to help him, regardless of party. When the Republican party gets to the point where it could do something similar (and drops no-abortion-under-any-circumstances) I will consider voting for one of them again. I do not hold my breath.

  8. packsoldier says:

    Congrats on citing The Onion as a news source, Chuck. Your credibility is impeccable as always…

  9. Daniel Galloway says:

    Charles I could not agree with you more. I am sick of both sides being so extreme that it does not represent the general population. I am a life long democrat, but just because of that does not mean I don’t fault democrats as well a republicans. I think our government should be representative of us their constituents and be more middle of the road. I think the far left is just a nuts as the far right and I for one am sick of it on both sides and would like to see them figure out how to work together because both sides have good ideas depending on the issue, but politicians have forgotten what compromise is.

    Please keep up the good work Charles and thank you for generally being a voice of reason in our community paper.

  10. Dantes says:

    “People are not stupid.” False.

    While I disagree with the above statement you made, Charles, we do finally agree on one thing. There is definitely a shift in demographics, and THE major shift is the continual shift to idiocy among the general population. Think about it. Do all the commercials that run do anything to dissuade people who are already informed and have an established ideology? No. Absolutely not. Those commercials are for the idiots. The “undecideds.” The people who forget where they park at the grocery store. The people who do nothing but sit around all day and watch mind-numbing television or sit on the front porch and watch life go by. They have no original thoughts. They’re uneducated and have no ambition to learn anything new. They will vote for whoever will give them the most for the least amount of effort. That’s factually why Obama won. There are more idiots who think Obama will give them more and Romney would have taken something away from them.

    • Neal Cassidy says:

      Really, thats how you feel. Is it wise to insult the voters who are undecided by calling them stupid? They are undecided but open to voting for the person you support. It would be wise for upu to understand how to win support to your position. I doubt any people will switch to your point of view if you continue to call them idiots.

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