Getting over Mitt

OK, Mitt lost.

Now, can we please quit playing games and work on stuff?

I sincere hope the Republican Party tells the Tea Party caucus to stuff it. That block of hard-rock ideologues and screamers has been a burr under the saddle of the nation for far too long. Its total refusal to compromise is driving everyone, even a lot of Republicans, batty.

Frankly, it cost the Republican Party the election. Its senate candidates all lost after their essential battiness leaked out, the GOP presidential candidate who had to make nice with them to get nominated could never return to his human mode fast enough or completely enough.

I’ve said it before, I’ll say it now: Nominate Jon Huntsman, who has a few stands I dislike but an attitude I admire, you will have a real run at election. While you are at it, pick someone who has been moderately consistent in his/her political stands over the years. Give me fiscal plans based on reality, treat me like an adult, you could easily get my vote.

Sadly, none of that was present here. Romney got a lot of votes because a lot of people don’t like Obama simply because he’s Obama — whether its his skin or his politics or the ecomony or where he was born (God ¬†help us, that’s still an issue to some), and a better candidate could have tapped into the very real discontent with Obama on the left to carve out a win.

Romney couldn’t, and you see the results.

Meanwhile, would you guys in DC please pass a budget — something with reasonable budget cuts, reasonable tax hikes (and tell Grover Norquist to shove it sideways), reasonable policies that benefit or hurt as evenly as possible, and get on with things?

Because we really, as a nation, can’t afford another four years of making damn sure the other guys loses.




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7 Responses to Getting over Mitt

  1. PolishandProud says:

    What a perfect blog. I congratulate you. Now show this to your editorial board because their “Romney lost because of Obama’s attack ads and nothing more” stance REALLY smells of sour grapes.

  2. kent coleman says:

    As a person who cares about and my family’s healthcare issues it was
    extreemly gradifying to see Obama win re-election.

    Every Repubican in this state was set to help Romney strip away the Affordable Care Act.( Thank you Supreme Court Justice John Roberts)

    Romney and Ryan ,like Bush wanted to give Wall street Social Security.

    Obama may pick the next Supreme Court Justice if we have one retire.

    Fox news proved once again to just be comedy material for Jon Stewart.

    I would now like Obama to become something he hasn’t been for four years a Democrat.

  3. packsoldier says:

    Obama ran the most negative campaign in modern political history and now we’re supposed to compromise? Obama won ugly. Now let him try to govern.

    • Mike Johnson says:

      It’s reassuring seeing the 24/7 spewing of negativity and lies from the conservative media as been held accountable by voters. Americans saw through the lies and viewed the truth. Voters saw a gatherings of boys who cried wolf once too often. They saw an ugly extremism that didn’t represent them or the nation they wanted.

      • Dantes says:

        Is the Dow dropping 434 points over the last two days also a lie? Your stupidity and inability to understand basic economics will not only hurt your own wallet, but everybody’s.

        • kent coleman says:

          Dear Dantes,

          In 2008 when gwb left office the dow jones
          average stood at 7949.

          In 2012 when Obama wins re-election the dow stood at 12815.

          Why can’t you force yourself to give credit for a 4866 point rise since Obama has been in office.

          That is an increase of 61%

  4. Tom says:

    The best and most succinct piece I have read yet on this election!
    Also very good comments from Polish&Proud and kent.
    As far as “packsoldier” hmmm, seems to be a bit Trumpish to me, but then every comment he has made on the Standard has been in that same strange head in the sand Fox news vane. Weren’t pack soldiers from the same bygone era that Obama reminded Romney of when he told him that the navy used to have more horses and bayonetes than they do now?

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