More bicycle doping? Yawn …

Big story today in the ny times (click) about Lance Armstrong allegedly being the center of a massive conspiracy among the entire US Postal Service team to use drugs to win the Tour de France.

So what?

At this point I grow weary of the whole thing. Did Armstrong use drugs? He was never tested positive for them, but now we are told that past tests indicate something, but what, who knows?

And other riders say he did it because they did it. Well, OK, are there any riders who did not? George Hincapie says he did not, later on, but do we know he is telling the truth? Maybe he just got even better at it.

That seems to be the way it is — commercialization of  all sports has pumped so much money into all sports that the risk of discovery is obviously one absolutely everyone is willing to take.

The few yahoos who don’t use drugs of some sort — ever notice how many althetes use asthma inhalers? — must be the little Lord Fontleroys of the circuits, regarded as quaint, showpieces for the media to say “here is an honest player,” coming in 3rd.

I quit caring years ago. Sports are an entertainment industry, nothing more. Any ideals about competing or Olympic Spirit or fair play are window dressing. If drugs make the sport more showy, they will be used, no two ways about it.

If sports leave trails of human wreckage in their wake — steroids destroyed bodies, concussed football players and the like — well, we’re only a few steps removed from the Roman games that involved people being killed. I suppose we should be glad of that, but the remove seems to be narrowing.

A pox on all their houses.


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5 Responses to More bicycle doping? Yawn …

  1. TV says:

    A yawn? Huh? Who cares? Who cares whether or not the “greatest athlete on the planet” lied about how he became the “greatest athlete on the planet?”

    Well, you should. In fact, you have a column in a newspaper so you kinda, sort of, almost have a DUTY to care about truth. That people doped in cycling is surely the case. That Lance Armstrong doped surely also is a fact. And I do know the big picture — the culture of the times, they all do, etc. … But they didn’t and don’t continue to lie about it.

    The good news today – not a yawner – is that truth finally is coming to light. Truth=journalism. But it’s coming to light because of a justice/oversight system that demanded it, and it’s coming from riders themselves who were forced, in a way, to finally come clean. It is NOT coming to light because of one Lance Armstrong.

  2. Huh? What? says:

    Somehow, Charles, you’ve made a living off not caring about this or that, yawning your way to a paycheck. I don’t mind when non-athletic people write about sports as long as they know what they’re talking about, but this is just ridiculous. “ever notice how many althetes use asthma inhalers?” What sports are you watching where all these “althetes” are using asthma inhalers? Geez, Chuck, you are absolutely clueless. And your paragraph about sports being nothing more than entertainment and fair play being just window dressing is repulsive. What a great attitude to have about honesty and character. No surprise there, though, knowing your political beliefs. That’s if you still care. Yawn…

  3. rls says:

    – this from “Ball Four” by Jim Bouton, about the 1969 season –

    “John Kennedy flew into a rage at Emmett Ashford over a called strike and was tossed out of the game. Still raging, he kicked in the water cooler in the dugout, picked it up and threw it onto the field. Afterward, we asked him what had gotten into him. He really isn’t that type. And he said, “Just as I got called out on strikes, my greenie kicked in.”

    — professional athletes have been taking all kinds of things for any number of years — deal with it –

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