Rep. Paul Ryan, enemy of birthers?

Hey, everyone has something good about them, so a tip of the hat to Vice Presidential Candidate Paul Ryan, who apparently has decided that birthers are not the sort of loons he wishes to court.

What sort of loons does he wish to court? I’m sure there are many. We will not discuss them here.

Let it be said: Paul Ryan does something right. When birthers, the hardest core of the GOP hard right core, ask him whether President Obama is qualified, by natural born citizenship, to be President, he sends them a copy of President Obama’s birth certificate and a gentle letter which, I am sure, they promptly ignore.

See it all here (click)

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7 Responses to Rep. Paul Ryan, enemy of birthers?

  1. hawg says:

    look who can’t let the birth certificate thing go. liberals.
    are you going to keep the mohammad porn video going for years?

  2. susan says:

    I know, right? Liberals, you guys cannot just let it go. You KNOW obama’s a muslim but you try to pretend that it isn’t the case. HA. You know that he collects food stamps despite having a good salary. Just like one of “them”!

  3. Joel says:

    Hey Charles, 
    I see you quickly changed the subject and threw the conservatives a little bone. I guess the comments on that last blog were a little to hot to handle?  I think you need a little more education to improve the veracity of what you write about.  In that regard here you go. Read the following article ” Facts, Damned “Facts”, and Fact Checkers:I do not think that word means what you think it means”by Megan McArdle Oct 5, 2012. Enjoy and keep on blogging!

  4. Howard Ratcliffe says:

    Paul Ryan is running with a man who is also ineligible to serve as Commander in Chief under the Natural Born Citizen Clause.
    If Obama would have asked Mitt to explain Adam-ondi-Ahman to the world and how Noah’s Ark traveled from the Garden of Eden down the Mississippi River; er I mean the Euphrates to the Gulf of Mexico and across the Atlantic, the world would see exactly who Mitt and Paul are.
    I debate #2 we could hear about Mitt’s belief in Wooden Submarines traveling underwater from the Land of Nimrod to America.

  5. KT says:

    Now, if only Joe Biden could send a gentle letter to Andrew Sullivan.

  6. Howard Ratcliffe says:

    “My father served in WWII”- Barack Obama Jr Barack Obama Sr was born in 1936.
    Stanley Ann Dunham was living in Washington attending U of Washington classes which started in late August 1961 2 weeks after she supposedly gave birth to Barack Obama Jr.
    If Barack Sr and Ann are not his parents, neither is Frank Marshall Davis which leaves one choice, Malcolm X aka Bari Malik Shabazz and Betty Shabazz, whose 2nd child was born Oct 28, 1959.
    At least Obama is legal to be President. Mitt Romney is not; his father was not a Naturalized US Citizen

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