Romney on passion, Obama on facts.

OK, it bothered me the way Obama kept looking down and Romney looked as if he was lecturing him.  You know someone on  Romney’s team said “You’ll be on the left side of the screen so be sure to keep looking at Obama, he always looks down to take notes, so on TV it will look as if you are lecturing him nose-to-nose.”

Obama walked right into that one.

Great stage play. Gotta admit.

And Mitt did a great job of talking loud and sounding as if he knew what he was saying — as he said he says about his boys, keep saying it often enough, someone will believe you. If they don’t, say it louder. By the end he was practically shouting: “I’m not cutting $5 trillion, the poor won’t pay more!”

Interesting argument coming from the guy whose entire campaign is built on a foundation of four Pinocchio and “pants on fire” ratings from the fact checkers.

And while I am sure the fact checkers are having a field day, (they are: click!) and here (click) and here’s one on the jobs overseas tax cut that Obama mentioned and Romney denied, but is true (click) Obama still had the big facts on his side. Mitt can blather all he wants about how he’s not going to do it, but a 20 percent cut in all tax rates WILL cut the government’s revenues by $5 trillion, and there is no way, none at all, to balance that without taking money from the low and middle class.

No. Way.

Rudy Guiliani said it’s all in the details, but there are not enough details in the world to make that work.

So did the Mittster just dump his chief budget deficit plan? Nobody knows. Shake the Etch-a-sketch, see what it says next, I guess.

Mitt’s other plans were equally spare on details, or completely dodged the question. I liked how when, asked about education, he started talking about the money Obama spent on green energy. This from the guy who wants to increase defense spending while cutting social programs.

And he wants to make Medicare a voucher program, and god only knows what he wants to do with Social Security.

I mean: Huh?

Anyone who thinks Obama “lost” this also forgets: Obama plays a long game, there are two more debates. It would not surprise me if Obama was subdued intentionally. He’ll let Mitt bluster, come back stronger with foreign policy and other things.

And, anyway, the public’s memory of the initial impression on these things is shorter than my dog, and my dog is a Welsh corgi.

Next up: Biden and Ryan.

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28 Responses to Romney on passion, Obama on facts.

  1. Joel says:

    Charles, Charles, Charles; tsk, tsk,tsk; seems you continue to mindlessly continue to drink the kool-aid. Here’s how it works. Romney’s tax cuts reduce tax revenues, Romney’s elimination of some deductions increases tax revenues to partially offset those reductions. Now listen up Charles, this is the part you don’t get. Romney’s tax policy over-haul along with his energy plan, along with fixing Medicare, along with repealing Obamacare, along with elimination of counter productive govt regulations creates twelve million new jobs! The income tax collected from the wages on those jobs not only offsets the reductions in tax revenue from the tax rate reduction that wasn’t offset by the reduced deductions, but it increase tax revenues in total. Now all the fact checkers do is assume all other things are equal when they do their calcs. So economic growth under Obama is less than two percent. So the fact checkers keep their growth assumptions at less than two percent and unsurprisingly they conclude Romney is wrong. But if Romney’s policies spur growth to four percent rather than the lower Obama growth rates, then Romney is right and the fact checkers are wrong. I’ll place my bet on Romney while you’ll continue to drink th kool-aid despite my explains it too you.

    • Mike Johnson says:

      Do you also believe in the Easter Bunny?

    • Ian says:

      The entire premise of your comment is based on a belief that facts are wrong. You should also quit using the kool-aid comment, its so cliche, but I guess facts are too.

      • ctrentelman says:

        The phrase is not only cliche, it is historically inaccurate — Jim Jones used Flavor-Aid drink mix.

        those damn liberals mess up everything.

  2. ctrentelman says:

    except those 12 million jobs are expected growth anyway over four years, and when you run through that massive list of things that romney is allegedly going to do you start to sound like someone who really believes that Santa Claus will bring them everything they want for Christmas.

    The “these changes will produce more growth that will produce more revenue” is the magic part of Romney’s promises — two layers of things that really really should happen just because he says they will.

    Sorry, I’ve heard those same reassurances before — Reagan made them, so did Bush II. Both issued annual predictions that their budgets would balance the national budget in X-number of years.

    Didn’t work then, won’t work now.

  3. Joel says:

    Geez, was I right or what? Charles mind is closed tighter than a Chinese box puzzle in Fort Knox.

    • LasvegasRichard says:

      Your argument is as full of holes as are the missing categories and specifics in Romney’s tax plan. ‘Cut deductions’ ? Which ones ? ‘Cut tax rates ? Whose rates and how much ? As the President said , “it’s all arithmetic “. How can anyone do the math without the actual numbers ?

  4. Tom says:

    Great stuff Mr. “T” – thanks.

    It’s pretty funny how “Joel” accuses you of mindlessly drinking the kool aide while he robotically recites all of the Mitster’s tired old discredited lies and talking points!

    • ctrentelman says:

      the personal attack is the last refuge of the desperate.

      Both got things wrong, but many fact checkers today backing up Obama on the points Joel is hitting…for example:

      • Joel says:

        Charles, it not a forgone conclusion that the economy will create 12 million new jobs anyway.  Many economists are predicting a second recession soon.   Economist James Pethokoukis in his September 27, 2012, article “GDP collapse puts U.S. economy into recession red zone” stated: “Manufacturing, the pillar of the recovery from the 2007-09 recession is cooling, hurt by fears of tighter U.S. fiscal policy…Bottom line: Growth the past two quarters has averaged about 1.6%. Not only does this mean the economy is growing more slowly than last year’s 1.8%, it is also slow enough to signal about a 50% chance of a recession within a year. And the third quarter also looks weak.”

        Furthermore the article you cited claims Obama has an equal number of lies as Romney. So your own cite belies your conclusions of this blog.  And as for the claim that “the personal attack is the last refuge of the desperate”; well this is your third blog in a row claiming Romney is a liar. Wow! No bias on your part; right? So  you’re  looking pretty desperate yourself.  See all these claimed lies of Romney are for the most part just reasonable conclusions drawn  differently than that of the one screaming liar. 

  5. Howard Ratcliffe says:

    No discussion of Mitt’s involvement with Iran-Contra or Obama’s involvement with Operation Fast and Furious. Could have made it more interesting

  6. Dovie says:

    I am surprised nobody has called Mitt rude. He started out by telling Jim Lehrer he was going to fire him & then proceeded to ignore the rules of debate – overtime – not answering the question asked. (Mitt did it first & worst). If Obama (or Hillary Clinton) it would not have been considered aggressive in a good way.

  7. KT says:

    From comment stuck in moderator limbo (too long)?
    1. Have to watch those carefully. A lot of them have their thumb on the scale for Obama.

  8. KT says:

    fact checkers. I’ll figure this HTML thing out eventually.

  9. KT says:

    2. Stephanie Cutter admits to CNN that the 5 trillion dollar figure touted by her boss in the debate is false.

  10. KT says:

    3. Takedown of the “non-partisan” report on taxes to which Obama referred

  11. KT says:

    4. “He’ll let Mitt bluster, come back stronger with foreign policy and other things.

    Well, maybe. From a former Obama voter.

  12. KT says:

    Charles, I have to agree with you that Americans are not real courageous about facing the facts concerning the federal budget. And we can’t seriously address the debt issue with addressing entitlements. Numerically impossible.

    But you know what might help?

    1. If everybody paid SOME income tax, and everybody’s tax rate went up and down with the deficit. This would put something of a damper on people promoting their favorite self-interested government program and thinking it’s “free”. And Obama is all for everybody having “skin in the game”.

    2. If the salaries of federal workers went up when the deficit went down and down when the deficit went up. What better potential spending watchdogs than federal employees? Well, some of them, anyway.

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