Mid East mess goes way beyond Mitt’s idiocy

The kerfuffle over the Libyan mess continues, as shown here (click) in which Peggy Noonan, former Reagan speech writer, is one of the few sane ones.

Did I just say that about Noonan? It’s come to that.

The riots all over aren’t about Obama, or some stupid video, or even Israel. The United States — or at least Americans — has/have been in the Middle East since 1820 telling the occupants that their religion was wrong and trying to show them how they ought to live. We were the white city on the hill and all they needed to do was get educated enough to see that, then totally abandon their religion and 2,000 years of cultrual development to do things the way we do.

Really, isn’t that obvious?

Can’t really blame the locals there for resenting it. Their current methods of disagreeing with us suck, but really, would you like it if they came here and tried to change us? Even if they built schools and medical clinics, would you then accept their contention that your religion was wrong and your culture was backwards?

Of course not, and after 200 years you’d probably be sick of it, to the point that any minor insult, any excuse, would be all it took to set you off.

Doesn’t excuse the violence, doesn’t apologize for the past, but only through understanding the past can we have hope of changing the future.

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16 Responses to Mid East mess goes way beyond Mitt’s idiocy

  1. packsoldier says:

    That’s a nice attempt to whitewash the violent extremism at the heart of Islam, but I’m not buying it. Islam’s entire history has been one of trying to subjugate the infidels. When they were on top they had no qualms about slaughtering anyone who didn’t submit to them. They are even today continually at war with everyone around them and routinely oppress the religious minorities who live among them. So let’s quit blaming the West for the dysfunctional Muslim culture, mmm’k Chuck?

    • Mikee says:

      That’s a nice attempt to whitewash the extremist history of violence towards Muslims by Christians, but I’m not buying it. Christianity’s entire history towards Islam has been one of trying to slaughter the nonbelievers. When Christians are on top they have no qualms about slaughtering any Muslim who didn’t submit to them. They are even today, continually at war with any Muslim that doesn’t fall into line, and routinely oppress the religious minorities that live among them. So let’s quit blaming Muslims for the dysfunctional Christian culture, mmm’k, packs?

      Find an instance of Muslim aggression towards America prior to Operation Ajax in 1953. You can’t, because that was when America started occupying Arab and Persian land and instilling brutal dictators that raised a generation of western hating kids.

      Find an instance of Muslim aggression towards America prior to Britain ignoring immigration laws in Palestine and allowing a Jewish takeover of the historical homeland of the Jebusite descendants. You can’t, because initially America did not support Israel.

      Find an instance of Al Queda attacking America prior to America arming and training Afghani rebels to fight the Soviets. You can’t because that’s what created Al Queda.

      Find an instance of Muslim aggression towards Christians prior to the Crusades.

      Your ignorance of history is astounding, packs, but that’s what probably led you to your ignorant, fact free opinion.

    • Mikee says:

      And just to back up my point that Muslims in America face the same persecution that Christians face in Muslims countries:


      8 mosques in America, attacked by religious wackjobs.

      And let’s not forget about the Sikhs who are still attacked to this day and blamed for 9/11, even though Sikhs are not Muslim.


      Intolerance of religion isn’t specific to Muslims, it’s specific to every religion. What makes it especially disgusting in the case of Muslims, Christians, and Jews, is they all purport to worship the same deity that instructed Abraham to kill his son. This isn’t a war between religions, this is a civil war between worshipers of the same god. Sick, isn’t it?

  2. Charles Trentelman says:

    Not blaming the west for the dysfunction of the Muslim culture, or at least what we perceive as it — they are who they are, hardly the first group of folks who engaged in rapine, plunder and pillage and certainly not the last.

    one could argue that our own culture has subjugated one or two minorities that failed to submit — the Native American tribes, or at least those that survived, might have a word or two. In California the indigenous peoples were hunted down like animals because they were, in fact, regarded as a form of animal, not a human.

    But looking at your larger argument, so what? Why is it our business if the Muslims subjugate anyone? Everyone subjugates eveyone else, and has since time immemorial, the Muslims just have a religious reason for doing so.

    As to why they dislike us, well, if you are a student of history you know that those reasons go a long way back.

    • Decider says:

      Arawak Indians who didn’t honor Coumbus and his crew with regular contrubutions of gold “had their hands cut off and bled to death.” After two years, half of Haiti’s 250,000 inhabitants were dead “through murder, mutilation or suicide.” Many of the native Indians who survived were enslaved and brought back to Spain. “Let us, IN THE NAME OF THE HOLY TRINITY, go on sending all the slaves that can be sold,” Columbus wrote.

    • Howard Ratcliffe says:

      What is it our business? The US invaded Afghanistan 26 days after 9/11 chasing a man the US created in Osama bin Laden. He has never been charged with anything in connection with 9/11 nor appeared on any most wanted list in connection with the event.
      Turning Afghanistan into an Opium field is our business Charlie.
      The US invaded Iraq by accusing Osama bin Laden of involvement with Saddam Hussein; nothing of that involvement has ever been proven. What is it of our business Charlie? We turned Iraq and Afghanistan into a Uranium filled death trap chasing after 2 men we invented and who were investors in the Carlyle Group.
      Charlie, I’ll take a simple answer on why Jane Standley reported Bldg #7 falling 23 minutes before it fell? How did Edna Clinton wave for 30 minutes in from the North Tower hole with melting metal around her.
      Come on Charlie, when someone calls you a liar don’t you want to respond?

  3. Tom says:

    Yo Mr. “T”

    Watch out for incoming!

    This is a great and concise take on what is going on over there. Too bad a lot of narrow thinking and ill informed readers will go ballistic on your simple truths and launch written grenades at you for daring to write those truths.

    Actually the problem started around a thousand years ago in1095 when Pope Urban II started the crusades. A great book on that is called “Warriors of God” by James Reston. It was about the third crusade where Richard the Lionheart invaded “The Holy Land” and faced off with Saladin, the great Muslim leader and defender of his people’s land and religion. Often when I read about the mess in the middle east I think of that book and how a thousand years ago they were fighting over the same basic issues and the same land! It points out how mankind is very slow in learning basic lessons of mutual respect. By the way, Saladin was pretty “saintly” compared to Richard in the way he treated prisoners.

  4. James Hard says:

    This idea that Islam itself is evil is one of the great con jobs from the religious right and the neo cons. Conveniently forgetting about such things and the Inquisition and the KKK, they just go on and on branding everyone that doesn’t think, worship, hate or vote like they do.
    Great points, Charles; and well backed by history.
    Do these people know that the US in fact created Osama Bin Laden and Saddam Hussein?

  5. Howard Ratcliffe says:

    Good plan to leave the 9/11 article Charlie. The video being promoted by Quran burning fake Pastor Terry Jones was likely bankrolled by Sheldon Adelson, Mitt Romney’s biggest financier.
    Libyan “Rebels” didn’t rush the Consulate any more than they set up the Central Bank of Benghazi in 2 weeks after the Libyan War started; they had help and a lot of it.
    Libya, Tunisia, Egypt and Yemen are just the tip of this iceberg.
    Or is is all just a bunch of conspiracies and odd coincidences Chuck?

    • KT says:

      What is your evidence that Sheldon Adelson bankrolled the dumb YouTube video, Howard? And if he did, why is it so bad? Why were the actors paid next to nothing? Doesn’t sound much like a high-roller’s project to me.

      Similar outrage and destruction spread across Muslim countries after the publication of those Danish Mohammed cartoons, Howard. During the Bush administration. All the Islamists need is an excuse to whip up the “street”. Ice cream cone logo, video, tissue box showing Winnie the Pooh and Piglet, etc. Though the Libyan operation may have used protests as “cover”.

  6. KT says:

    ABSOLUTELY ASTOUNDING THAT MITT ROMNEY IS THE ONLY LEADER MENTIONED IN YOUR HEADING on the mess in the Middle East. Talk about being “in the tank”. He makes a rather mild comment and suddenly, the mess in the Middle East is connected to his name and no other. ARE YOU AWARE THAT BARAK OBAMA IS THE PRESIDENT, AND IS ACTUALLY INVOLVED IN THE MESS IN THE MIDDLE EAST?

    Richard Fernandez writes from Australia: “Speaking of Egypt at the point when he had confused even himself, President Obama said: “I don’t think that we would consider them an ally, but we don’t consider them an enemy.” But that question is secondary, as David Burge understood. “I want to know if Obama considers the US an ally,” he Tweeted. http://pjmedia.com/richardfernandez/2012/09/14/back-to-square-one/?singlepage=true

    No policy can long survive such a monumental dithering at the top. President Obama should remember that he is not the President of the World. He is still only the President of the United States. . . . .

    Tom, “Actually the problem started around a thousand years ago in1095 when Pope Urban II started the crusades.” Are you suggesting that there was no Muslim “crusade” to conquer lands outside Arabia prior to the Crusades? That there were no militaristic conquests of Christian, Jewish or other lands? That everybody would be better off if the Europeans had not resisted Muslim imperialism? Oikophobia is as bad as xenophobia.

  7. Howard Ratcliffe says:

    Coordinated attacks on US interests Cairo, Benghazi, Yemen, Lebanon, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Indonesia, London and Berlin are a bit more than a Kerfuffle

  8. KT says:

    The ironic thing here is that the White House basically agreed with the substance of “Mitt’s Idiocy”, scrubbing the messages of the Egyptian Embassy. Then this administration misled the public concerning their knowledge that the assault in Libya was a terrorist attack rather than a spontaneous demonstration. WHY IS THIS LESS SERIOUS THAN WATERGATE? http://pjmedia.com/instapundit/152194/

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