What price for a scary pizza?

Gad, it never stops. The scare stories about how much the evil “Obamacare” will cost, as if we weren’t paying all those costs anyway, and more, in human misery, medical bankruptcy and worsening untreated illnesses.

Ponder this ediorial on our web site (click) someone taking issue with the owner of Papa John’s Pizza, who says that the Affordable Care Act is going to raise the cost of a pizza. How much? The Papa John guy figures 20 cents or so per order, or 11 cents per pizza. 

“Be afraid!” he is implying. “Your food is going to cost more because of the evil Obama!!!”

Did he just say 20 cents? Holy cow, break the bank!

Just for a little comparison, 20 cents is less than half the price of mailing a letter, the price of enough gasoline to drive a 24 mpg car 1.4 miles (at $3.40 a gallon), one sixth of the price of a cup of coffee (at $1.20 a cup, tip extra), and so on and so forth.

It’s not about the 20 cents of course. It’s another blow in the continuing war of fast food owners against Obama, or immorality, or something. Fast food is the new battle ground for ideological purity, such as that idiocy over chicken sandwiches last week.

The guy who founded this pizza company apparently doesn’t like Obama, so he doesn’t like the Affordable Care Act, and so we have to know precisely how much more it will cost us to eat his alleged food because of the ACA.  

Not that it matters, but I’ve never had this guys pizza. Is it any good? No clue. Feel free to comment.

The ACA, of course, will cost him money because it will require him to help provide medical care for his employees.

So what he’s really doing is defending his right to let his employees go without insurance, which is a right he enforces by not paying them enough to buy their own medical insurance as well. Like many companies, he’d rather theyput off small medical issues, get sick and seek medical expensive care in emergency rooms where, by law, they have to be seen and helped and the bills passed on to the rest of us through the standard cost-shifting tactics that all hospitals use.

Which is incredibly inefficient, as well as cruel, but which is also why your and my medical premiums keep going up. But the guy who runs Papa John’s can say he’s defending freedom, or capitalism, or something, and keeping his food cheap.

My own thinking is that if I avoid pizzas  which tend to be high calorie, low fiber conglomerations of fat and carbs   my own health will stay good so I won’t need medical care, and THAT will help keep medical costs down, clealy something this yahoo isn’t interested in.

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10 Responses to What price for a scary pizza?

  1. Decider says:

    I so much enjoy Charles’ column when he gives it so much “bite” — congratulations !

  2. Myth Buster says:

    Food prices tend to skyrocket when 100 year droughts and record heat come on the heels of record flooding too.UN Agenda 21 anyone?

  3. Myth Buster says:

    More Corn is used to produce Ethanol than Food; considering the vast reserves of oil in the Bakken, ANWR and Gulf of Mexico that’s tantamount to suicide.
    Papa John may want to investigate the devastation to the food chain caused by Fukushima, Deepwater Horizon and Gas Fracking. His Pizzas are just not that important.

  4. Tom says:

    Great piece Mr. “T”,
    you bleeding heart liberal progressive pinko commie.

  5. Tom says:

    You’re right about that, sorry for the lapse.
    Oh, I also forgot America and freedom hater, as well as socialist dupe.

  6. Myth Buster says:

    That being the case, what Passport did the post colonial Kenyan Muslim use to to travel to Pakistan in 1981? What Birth Certificate did he use to obtain it? British? Indonesian? Charlie, if you toss out things like this, why not back it up with some facts?

  7. Charles Trentelman says:

    The CIA made his documents for him, myth. It’s all part of the larger plot by the illuninati, engineered through the Trilateral commission and the United Nations to secretly take over the world.

    Really, it’s all right there in front of you. Ever wonder why the lines down the side of the road are white but the ones in the center are yellow?

  8. Mark Shenefelt says:

    It’s a wise fast food magnate who keeps his mouth shut. Whatever the issue, by going partisan, they risk alienating half their customer base.

  9. Well y’see this could work. Raise the price of trash food so that people eat less of it and voila, health care costs go down.

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