Norquist tax pledge is a Muslim terrorist plot!

No, seriously, it is. Here’s the proof.

You’ve probably seen stories about letters that Michelle Bachmann and some other GOP loons sent to the State Department and others saying that Secy. of State Hillary Clinton’s chief aid, who is Muslim, is secretly possibly maybe helping the Muslim Brotherhood take over America and force all our women to wear veils, or worse.

There are many news stories about this. I shan’t bore you with a rehash except to say that one of the sources of Ms. Bachmann’s information, which we are sure is rock solid, is the work of the Center for Security Policy, which has a list of finding that prove, absolutely prove, that the Muslim Brotherhood is being aided and abetted by Americans trying to foment the overthrow of freedom, democracy and pulled pork sandwiches.

And, no kidding, all seriousness, they say Mr. Anti-tax pledge, Grover Norquist, is a key player behind it all.

See for yourself at

Scroll down to No. 7 and read on.

So that’s it — Norquist is helping the brotherhood! He hates America! He doesn’t want us to ever raise taxes so we’ll be weak and demoralized!

It is interesting that Bachmann et al decided to go after Clinton’s aide, who happens to be Muslim, when the real criminal behind all this is a guy, I am guessing a Christian, named Grover Norquist.

What’s Bachmann trying to hide? Why is she protecting him? Is she really an Islamic terror promoter in disguise too?

She did look kinda crazy on that Newsweek cover.

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17 Responses to Norquist tax pledge is a Muslim terrorist plot!

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  2. Michael Palumbo says:

    The stupidity never ends…

  3. Michael Palumbo says:

    The stupidity never ends

  4. Myth Buster says:

    Which Muslim Terrorists? Osama bin Laden has never been put on the FBI Most Wanted list in connection with 9/11. Since he is the current Scapegoat Muslim Terrorist, why not name them Charlie? Who are the Muslim Terrorists?
    Obama says he is Christian; he wears a Yarmulke quite often; he bowed to Saudi King Abdullah and proclaimed a “New Beginning for Islam” in Cairo standing next to Hosni Murabarak.
    Who Charlie? Who should we hate as a Muslim Terrorist?

  5. Luke says: Oh Trentelman stepped in it again and lied here and in the actual printed copy of the paper ( you need to retract your story) I defy you to find the name Huma in the text of the letter referenced above. This was not an attack on a specific person but our enemy and its ideology ( the subjugation of all humans). Also here is a link of another letter ( you may not like the source but a copy of the actual letter is embedded) Explaining in more detail of the concerns that congress has. Again Trentelman needs to retract his stories that Huma has been directly smeared in the original letter. Do it or you are not a honest newspaperman (that is a stretch anyway)

    • Bob Emenger says:

      Why don’t you try reading your own source? Bachman is questioning the loyalty of Huma because she supposedly has family members that have associated with the Muslim Brotherhood. She even states that Huma shouldn’t have a security clearance. Bachman is a bona fide McCarthyite in its worst form.

  6. Mark Sparkman says:

    Howard, where are you when I need you? Oh, well, the sabbath, I suppose, keeps you from your appointed rounds….

    • Myth Buster says:

      All 7 days are the New Covenant Sabbath Mark. What? Did you think Jesus would use Dies Solis (Sunday) or Natalis Dies Solis Invicti (Christmas) or Easter? Come on Mark, put the thinking cap on.
      Charlie thinks because Rudy Guiliani’s limo driver and George Bush’ pick for Homeland Security Bernard Kerik found a paper passport in the melted steel rubble of the Twin towers with the name Muhammad Atta on it, he must have been a Muslim Terrorist.
      Why not check into Barack Obama’s travel to Pakistan in 1981? He was schooled in a Quran “Madrassa” school in Indonesia and was in Afghanistan-Pakistan during his “Missing Years” at Columbia when our old foe Osama bin Laden was being trained as a Taliban “Student” and Mujahideen “Warrior of Allah”.
      Did you think he bowed to King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia and proclaimed a New Beginning for Islam in Cairo out of respect?
      come on Mark, get the thinking cap on.

      • Mark Sparkman says:

        Howard, I wasn’t weighing in on this particular argument — I was bemoaning the fact that I had taken up your challenge for a little debate in Neal Humphrey’s blog, and even chosen topics, as you asked, but you still had not (and have not) responded. I just wondered where you were…

        • Mark Sparkman says:

          Hmph. I feel like a jilted bride at the altar. Oh, well, I guess you didn’t really want to debate after all.

  7. Myth Buster says:

    I don’t read Neal’s blog Mark; Where, What Topic and When?
    Tell you what, leave a comment at

  8. Myth Buster says:

    Hi Charlie, Just checking in to see who the Muslim Terrorists are? Was it really Mohammad Atta whose paper passport mysteriously floated down down from the pressurized aircraft, through the burning building, to the burning rubble and into the hands of Bernard Kerik who just happened to be George Bush’s 1st pick for DHS Secretary?
    Did Hillary’s Muslim Brotherhood aid help her finance Operation Gun Runner? Was she behind Anthony Wiener’s fall from grace?
    Don’t keep us in suspense. Was Osama bin Laden really behind it all?

  9. Myth Buster says:

    Obama was schooled in an Indonesial Madrassa (Quran School); he bowed to King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia. He proclaimed a “New Beginning for Islam” in Cairo.
    Today, at the Urban League conference, he stated “Gun ownership is a cherished National Heritage for hunting and target shooting”
    The Liar in Chief swore to defend the Constitution, albeit without a bible; he needs to know the 2nd Amendment was written to guard citizen liberties against Government tyranny.
    This from a man who violated the War Powers Act and fired 160 Uranium tipped Tomahawk Cruise Missiles at Libya.
    This from a man who continues illegal Drone Wars in Pakistan, Somalia and Yemen. Who are the real terrorists?
    Jesus said “A man’s enemies are the men of his own household” Mat 10:36

  10. Orrin Lee Bishop says:

    Myth Buster,
    Are the Koch brothers paying you to spout that crap? Or are you just another follower of idiots Rush and Beck?

  11. Myth Buster says:

    Koch brothers financed the Masonic Tea Party movement; same Revolutionaries who fomented the American, French, Scottish, English and Russian Revolutions.
    Limbaugh, like the fake Mormon Convert Glen Beck and the fake Catholic Sean Hannity are well paid talking heads driving sheep to slaughter.
    What “Crap” are you referring to?

  12. Myth Buster says:

    Who are the Muslim Terrorists Charlie? The silence is deafening. What Muslim Conspiracy?
    FBI Director Robert Mueller, Don Rumsfeld and Dick Cheney have all stated Osama bin Laden had no involvement with 9/11.
    Saddam Hussein had no WMD’s
    So tell us Charlie, why are we fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan? Do you just toss crap on the wall to see if it sticks? Your BS is simply unbelievable; heck not one of the 19 Arab “Hijackers” appear on flight manifests of AA#11, UA#175, AA#77 or UA#93

  13. Jim Walton wasn’t gay enough for CNN, so he resigned… Anderson Cooper is too gay to go to the Middle East again…

    The chicken hawks at CNN would have us believe that selling chicken sandwiches has something to do with sodomy, maybe they could give us an exclusive interview with the Muppets and Jerry Sandusky about the halal chili dog they have between their buns?

    In the game of political correctness, what are the trump cards?

    What does happen when perversity and diversity clash?

    Do liberals ‘spread the other cheek’ for their new Islamic masters?

    (McDonald’s came out with a new sandwich called the McJackson… it’s a six-inch wiener in a twelve year old bun… The McSandusky has chili…)

    SODOM HUSSEIN OBAMA IS THE “American Dhimmi”

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