Evil government until it protects your gig…

Following up on today’s print column (click)  in which I show how Marxist socialistic government actually protects us from weeds  here’s an article in the New York Times about all that evil regulation you keep hearing so much about.

Dan Linjenquist, candidate for senator, for example, railed on and on in my interview with him recently about how the Obama administration continues to foster too many “job killing” regulations, making it impossible to expand employment.

Interestingly, this article in the NYTimes (click) features a  Centerville woman who has run up against a solid wall of regulation promoted, not by Obama, and not even by the Utah Legislature, but by the very industry she is trying to get a job in.


Yup, although I can see both sides of it.

Briefly, the woman wants to braid hair. That’s it, just braid hair. How hard is that? OK, she’s from Africa, the type of braiding one does with African women’s hair is more complex because their hair is more complex but, still, we’re talking hair braiding here, not brain surgery.

But in Utah to braid hair professionally, you have to have a cosmotology license and that takes two years and a grundle of money.

She can’t see the logic and asked for a waiver, but the state said no, you need the license, end of story.

On the other side of the coin, however, cosmotologists lobbied for the licensing originally, and lobbied against this lady being exempted. And I can see their point as well — fly-by-night hairdressers can both damage people’s hair and give the rest of the hairdressers a bad name. No doubt at some point in the past some hairdressers were doing just that, which raised the issue, which made cosmotologists ask the state to step in.

Tattoo artists recently asked the state for more regulatory oversight of their business for the same reason.

By having the state regulate, the cosmotology business protects itself. If this makes it hard for a seemingly legit hair braider to hang up her shingle, well, those are the breaks. From what I can gather from some of the comments on the story, braiding isn’t as simple as it sounds and can cause damage and hair loss, so perhaps there’s a point to it all.

Bottom line here, though: Government regulation is not some agency willy-nilly being a dictator for no good reason. Regulations come about because there is a need for them, just as government agencies do. 

Do some regulations and agencies outlive their usefulness? Sure.

But the current “do away with government and regulation” mania sweeping the country is way too broad a brush.  


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  1. Bob Becker says:

    TY. I read Utah coverage of this woman’s story (in the SE, the Trib or both — can’t recall— but I missed the NYT piece.

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