Do Gay haters really hate that they might be gay?

I’ve always wondered what drives people who really campaign to extreme again gays, porn and other things.

An interesting article in the NYTimes (click) offers some interesting research showing that at least some of these really fervent campaigners are actually acting out against their own internal struggles with being what it is they are campaigning against.

I’ve seen this before. Why is it, if you want to see the best collection of porn around, go see the person who campaigns against it. I remember sitting at the Legislature one year and having one of  those campaigners, Joy Beach, plop a pile of paperwork in my lap supporting her campaign and inside it was a rather blatant picture of a couple engaged in classic “69″ behavior.

And that was far from the only instance. Her organization had detailed listings of all the offensive shows on cable TV, back when the Legislature was trying to ban that, or at least regulate it, as being too full of filth. The way Beach et al described it, CATV was one long porn show, but I could never find it (purely out of academic research, of course.)

Anyway, food for thought.

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12 Responses to Do Gay haters really hate that they might be gay?

  1. Myth Buster says:

    George Bush Jr for example; he had a Sodomite roommate for 8 years at Andover Prep School and Yale; Victor Ashe was ofter referred to as the “Gay mayor of Knoxville”; he subsequently bankrupted Knoxville and Freddie Mac before heading off to Poland to witness the murder of most of the Pplich government and Military traveling to the 70th anniversary of the Katyn Forest Massacre by Lazar Kaganovich, Stalin’s 3rd wife and relative of Lesbian Elena Kagan, Obama’s Solicitor General.
    When the Penn St scandal with Joe Paterno and Jerry Sandusky made front page news, Obama’s “Personal Secretary” Reggie Love hit the road, probably for good reason.

    • packsoldier says:

      Howard, this sort of thing isn’t very healthy. Have you thought of seeking professional help?

      • Neal Humphrey says:

        The people who need help are the ones who won’t control the quality and content of their on-line posts.

      • Deseret Jim says:

        For the better part of 10 year’s I took on the role of a “rump-ranger” of a “grease monkey”.
        [But] today, looking back, I’m not who I was back then. Civil chastity going on 11 years.
        PORN is ad[dict]ive, because we are dependent our [dicks]. Soft/hard porn, though not “intrinsically evil” must be sanctioned by a [Porn Chzar] to police community standards. It is expensive, and it’s “hand in hand” relationship with higher [drugs], make it highly repetitive, compulsive, and progressive; by its very nature.

        May the “mighty arm of the lord” [meet] you half way, in overcoming life’s storms and seasonal changes, is my prayer.

  2. Myth Buster says:

    Sorry for the typos, should read Lazar Kagonavich, brother of Rosa Kaganovich… and Polish…

  3. Reynolds Anderson says:

    Motto heard long ago with merit today:

    “Today’s beater’s are tomorrow’s queen’s.”

  4. rls says:

    clarification for mythbuster — are you saying ashe was bush’s roomate at andover? … no / ashe didn’t attend andover … bush’s roomate senior year at andover was john kidde, according to the 1964 yearbook …

  5. Myth Buster says:

    Victor Ashe, the “Gay Mayor of Knoxville” attended Groton Academy, an Episcopal training school; his nickname was “Bendover”. While Yale was an all male school, he and George Bush were 4 year roommates, Cheerleaders, and in the Drama Club before their joint indoctrination in Skull & Bones lying naked in a coffin at “The Tomb”; this is fairly common among Skull & Bones as Obama advisor Austan Goolsby “The Ghoul” was also a Yale Drama Club actor before He was initiated into Skull & Bones aka Brotherhood of Death.
    Obama’s “Body Man” is Reggie Love; George Bush had a similar Sodomite “Body Man” during his 8 year White House stint with Jeff Gannon aka Jeff Guckert. It is simply a way to use Blackmail against high level Government personnel; JFK’s happened to be women, but he grew a pair and woke up from his handlers. Abe Lincoln had a homosexual mentor as well during his years as a Lawyer. Clinton had a series of women much like JFK provided for his use.
    If you have wondered why the Episcopal Church ordains Gay and Lesbian Ministers, maybe this will help.

  6. rls says:

    mythbuster — so bush did NOT have a “sodomite” roomate at andover? … i was there, then, and saw no evidence of anything like that at the time … fyi, there were a couple of gay guys there, then, and their orientation was acknowledged, if not talked about openly …. had bush been gay, i’d be very surprised if it hadn’t been generally known, but as far as i know, it wasn’t ….

  7. Neal Humphrey says:

    Yup. Makes perfect sense.

    Democrat Bush haters hated it that they were Republicans at heart.

    Obama-haters really hate that they’re closet blacks.

    Mormon-bashers hate that they lust after celestial exaltation.

    Jew haters hate it that they can’t drink a beer without saying “L’chaim!”

    Media haters just hate it that they can’t resist reading, listing, watching and wish in their heart of hearts that they could write and speak.

    • Mark Sparkman says:

      Neal, this is beneath you. You started off as reasonable, but lately, you have become just one more of the people you despise: Small-minded zealots for causes they don’t understand.

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