A four-sided love triangle? Yike!

Everyone loves the Weber County Sheriff’s posts on facebook because whoever posts them has a real flair for writing up the weird and exotic calls they get in such as this one (click) which I’m also going to copy and paste because you may not have access to facebook, or don’t want to, or just want a chuckle without the interweb complications.

So, here’s today’s, a tale of love and struggle over a woman who loves too often, and guys who need to get a clue: She’s not really serious about any of you, you jerks:

‎4-24-2012 4800 S 350 E/Family Fight: A delivery guy reported what sounded like a physical fight going on in an apartment. Deputies arrived and made contact with two males and a female in the apartment.

The female was crying and was taken out of the apartment. The two males stated they were arguing over their relationship with the female.

The female confirmed the story. They stated the loud banging from the apartment was one of the males hitting his fist against the door.

Deputies found two warrants on male #1 and he was taken into custody and booked on those warrants.

Round Two – Two hours later: We responded on another report of a fight between a male and female. We located the same female with a 3rd male (who was her live-in-boyfriend) in the parking lot verbally arguing.

Both denied it was physical and there was no evidence of a physical fight. Apparently the 3rd male arrived home and found the female and male #2 in a romantic interlude, which started the arguing. Male #2 left the area prior to our arrival.

The female left the area for the night.

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