This is how dictatorships start? Yup!

When one branch of government abdicates its duty, the others are going to step up. In a form of government that depends on three branches of government to be equal, and thus to check each other, it is vital that all three do their jobs.

As this article makes clear (click) one branch – the Legislative — is so blocked up it can’t get anything done. The D’s have their faults, but the R’s have been so adamant in the past three years that Obama will have no victories to use to run on that Congress hasn’t gotten anything done.

Plus, remember how President W. Bush made “signing statements” a real going thing? Congress needed to do something then to bring the executive to heel, but too often it was willing to let partisanship take the fore.

Congressional inaction or gridlock leaves the Executive and Judicial effectively in charge, or looking for ways to expand their power and fill in the gaps, and they both are.

I’m not comfortable with this –nobody should be. No president should be looking for ways to go around Congress any more than they already do. However, the current Congress is pretty much asking to be bypassed, so it should not express surprise when it is.

This is how dictatorships start, folks, and history is full of examples – when ardent advocates are more interested in winning than governing (click), and keep others from governing as well, eventually someone says “enough!” and takes up the reins.

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3 Responses to This is how dictatorships start? Yup!

  1. Brent Glines says:

    Republicans in Congress are the problem? Really?

    House Republicans have passed a budget. Where is the budget from the Democratically controlled Senate? It’s nearly 1100 days overdue.

    Republicans in the House want approval of the keystone pipeline. The State Department blocked it. House republicans want to submit legislation authorizing it. Obama threatens to veto that legislation.

    Don’t confuse “Congressional inability to do anything”, which is not true, with “Congressional inability to do anything I want”, which seems to be the interpretation of the Obama administration.

    Obama’s problem with the House is not that the House is doing nothing. That would be the Democratically controlled Senate. It’s that the House is either doing things Obama doesn’t like, or is preventing Obama from doing what he wants.

    If Obama decides to go dictator on us, that will be all his doing. Don’t blame Congress for any Obama wrongdoing.

  2. Myth Buster says:

    Here is how Dictatorships finish.
    NDAA 2012 authorizes the military to arrest and incarcerate US Citizens indefinitely without Charges or Writ of Habeas Corpus.
    Enemy Expatriation Act (Not passed as of 4/20/2012) strips US Citizenship from “accused” or “suspected” of acts of “Dissent” against the Government. Notice “Dissent against the Government” is now defined as “Treason”, by Traitors who wrote the law.
    MAP 21 legislation allows the IRS to withhold Passports of US Citizens owing more than $50,000; 300 Million people divided by $15 Trillion Debt means we all owe $50,000 at birth.
    HR 4388 introduced by 26 Congressmen as “Right to Habeas Corpus Act”; it is not. It does nothing to guard against violation of the Posse Commitatus Act; the US Military is not prohibited from arresting US civilian citizens. Writ of Habeas Corpus is the Constitutional foundation protecting citizens from their Government. HR 4388 specifically omits providing Habeas Corpus protections to US citizens, state department or military living abroad. It underlies every other constitutional law. Habeas Corpus only applies to US Citizens; notice that under MAP-21, every US Citizen owes $50,000; if MAP-21 and the Enemy Expatriation Act are made law, anyone without the means to pay their debt may have their citizenship and passport revoked. No rights above that of any other animal. Think about that when the UN imposes a universal “Carbon Tax”. The destruction of our bodies will be the only remedy, which is 800 Civilian Inmate Detention facilities have been created in the US by DHS and FEMA. No can you see why DHS is purchasing from ATK Thiokol with tax revenue of course, 450 million rounds of ammunition designed only to kill?
    CISPA (Cyberspace Intelligence Sharing Protection Act) allows the NSA and its new Utah Data Collection Facility along with Private Security firms to monitor, censor, collect and send E-Mail, MySpace, Twitter Google searches, Phone records, GPS data, Credit/Bank transactions etc to the Pentagon. CISPA essentially provides a “Cybersecurity exemption to all existing laws”
    DHS has some 60,000 TSA Agents; a contract given to ATK for 450 million .40Cal hollow point ammunition is enough to wage war for over 10 years on US Citizens. The only purpose of Geneva Convention outlawed hollow point ammunition in war is killing. When armed, this para-military unit will be beholden to Janet Reno, already knee deep in Operation Gun Runner aka Fast and Furious arming of Mexican Drug Cartels.
    “Fascism comes draped in the flag carrying a cross”

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