Romney for sale? Get in line, dude.

Interesting article making the rounds (click) with an email that the Mitt Romney campaign sent out asking for big money donations in exchange for “access” to the future president. The tone of the story is that Mitt is already selling his soul for the highest bid and this proves he’s just a typical money grubbing politician. 

This is news?

 I get daily emails from President Obama’s campaign inviting me to make a donation for a chance to have dinner with the president. It’s a promise of cheap access (Mitt is asking anywhere from $10,000 to $50,000, Obama wants at least $5)  but the bottom line is the same.

To his credit, I guess, the Obama offer is really a drawing with no actual donation required (you have to really hunt for the link).  Still I am hardly scandalized that Romney is selling the chance to have dinner with him, or get your picture taken with him.

I bet if I called up the Obama campaign and said I had $50,000 they’d arrange a picture of me with Bo, perhaps, or a salad from the White House Garden.


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  1. Brent Glines says:

    I guess you missed this story involving the CURRENT actual sale of influence in the White House.

    Your problem, Charles, is that that you may not be easy, but you are cheap. $5 will get you a thank you form letter. According to the New York Times, it’s possible to get in for $30,000 or less, but you chances go WAY up once you hit the $100,000 level. For the $50,000 you are offering, you might get Bo left-overs, or a Bo-Salad-Sandwhich, but that’s about it.

    Now this is not just a chance for a “Hi, How are you” photo-op at the the inaugural with Romney, this is a no kidding current on going “pay to play” at the White House with Obama. Now.

    Where is your outrage, Charles?

  2. Charles Trentelman says:

    pretty sure I said that both sides do it, Brent. Not sure what you are so outraged about, or why you think I care if the current or former or past or future occupant of the White House solicits bribes-er-donations.

    Go back and read the original post again: I said they ALL do it. Sorry if this fails to criticize Obama enough for your taste, but I leave that to you and your blog.

  3. Brent Glines says:

    I’m not outranged. I was just educating you in case you had missed the story that Obama is selling influence NOW. Were you aware of that? If you were, that would be your story, would it not, and not what Romney MIGHT do?

    • Charles Trentelman says:

      I coulda swore i said both obama and romney are doing it NOW. I might note that there is no reference in my blog, nor in the original story, to what Romney MIGHT do, it is about what he is doing NOW and I said that Obama is doing the same thing NOW. that was kinda the whole point of the blog.

      sorry if i failed to make that clear.

  4. Brent Glines says:

    Your right Charles. You said Obama was asking $5 and Mitt was asking $10-50K. You were only off by $99,995 for the doners with the greatest access to the White House NOW rather than at some indefinite time in the future.

    I suppose for you, that is honest reporting.

    • Charles Trentelman says:

      He hasn’t asked ME for $50,000 yet, silly person.

      As to why I don’t concentrate on Obama instead of Romney in this blog, as per your instructions, this is MY blog, I make the assignments.

      You want a blog about Obama, go to or talk to the editors here about starting your own. I’m really surprised you haven’t.

  5. Brent Glines says:

    I don’t mind your selection of topics. I don’t mind your emphasis. I don’t mind that you are a partisan hack. I mind that you are a dishonest partisan hack.

    $5 does not equal $100,000. If you know that people are paying $100,000 or more for access to the White House, don’t say that he is only asking for $5.

    If you didn’t know that, I’m glad I had the opportunity to inform your readers of the actual facts. They certainly can’t rely on you for information like that.

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