Local evolution blogger hits Huff Post

Quick note that Jim Hutchins, fanatical runner and professor of health sciences at Weber State University, just posted a blog (click!)  on the Pulitzer Prize Winning Huffington Post about evolution and professors and so on.

Not sure if this means we now have to be real nice to Jim, but he’s a good read at least.

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4 Responses to Local evolution blogger hits Huff Post

  1. Bob Becker says:

    Mr. Hutchin’s chewy essay lends some class to the Huffpo’s postings of which, god knows, Huffpo needs all it can get.e3

    • Neal Cassidy says:

      The Huffington Post was just awarded a Pulitizer prize for a 10 part series “Beyond the Battlefield” by David Wood.

  2. Bob Becker says:

    The problem with HUFPO is consistency. I have no problem with its having won the award fot that series. But much of what goes up on it regularly is barely above Drudge quality in terms of research or careful thought or even, sometimes, quality of writing. It’s been improving of late which is good. But there’s still enough of its original mud on the wall model (if you throw enough mud at the wall some of it will stick) that I think my comment that HUFPO needs all the class it can get stands.

  3. Myth Buster says:

    Arianna Huffington is an initiate of MSIA “Movement of Spiritual Inner Awareness”; she was previously an avid member of the Rajneesh Movement.
    She has been employed by and actively supports Bohemian Grove/33 degree Masons William F Buckley, Newt Gingrich and Bob Dole.
    What’s unbelievable is how anyone could believe her news site.

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