GOP bites hand that feeds it

I’ve been saying for years that the anti-government folks pushing a hard-core smaller government agenda are going to hate it when that agenda comes into power, and we’re seeing a bit of this now.

As this article (click) in the NYTimes reports, big business types who pushed GOP anti-government candidates in the last election under the impression that they’d be more pro-business should have done a tad bit more homework.

Yeah, they’re anti-government, or at least anti-regulation, but in this case that means anti-highway funding and anti-export funding.

Refusing to fund the nation’s highway programs for more than 90 days fits in with the fiscal conservatism “we need to make hard choices” attitude, but endangering long-term funding for highways has long-term implications for the construction trades, for whom highways have been a half-century long jobs program, corporate welfare of the grandest scale.

Without federal funds, who will hire those folks? Utah?  Yeah, sure. There goes all the money you think you’re going to get from all that federal land you think you’re going to get.

The Import-Export Bank is a basic American jobs program that has been around since the 30s. It makes it possible for foreign corporations to buy American goods.

Everyone yelled at Obama for loaning money to Brazilian oil drillers who were going to sell oil to China, but that money bought American drilling equipment made by American workers. The oil doesn’t matter because all oil goes into the world oil market where the world price of oil that Americans pay is set.

So American money helps drill Brazilian oil which helps keep the world oil price down no matter who it is sold to, and if it is drilled with American-made drilling equipment, so much the better. Meanwhile, we loaned the money to a freaking oil company, whose credit ought to be pretty good with oil tipping $100 a barrel.

As I have said before, people love to yell about goverment money going here and there, but cut it off and they’ll yell louder. Just wait for the screaming when the “hard choices” hit Hill Air Force Base or some other Utah federal installation.

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3 Responses to GOP bites hand that feeds it

  1. Caril Jennings says:

    Exactly right. They have/are creating a monster that will eat us AND THEM!!

  2. Brent Glines says:

    I guess that’s the difference between having principals and having tactics, and between pursuing long range goals aor short term goals.

  3. PolishandProud says:

    WoW! A factual, common sense, emotionless article that gets right to the point. More, Please!

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