Fighting abortion terrorism with love

Interesting column (click) in the Washington Post about an abortion clinic’s landlord who has decided that the harrassing phone calls are a bit much.

So he gets their number and has his friends call the harrassers back. He’s now collected 5,000 friends, so the callers get a lot of calls and, really, can they complain?

I agree with the columnist, however. Deluging the children of the doctor and landlord with pictures of aborted futuses is a bit much. So is shooting an abortion doctor. What would Jesus do?

Not this.

The people who do such thinks claim they are acting in God’s will, but if they are it’s a god I’d want nothing to do with. More honestly, they’re on a power trip. Religion is their excuse to bully other people and behave badly in public.

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6 Responses to Fighting abortion terrorism with love

  1. rls says:

    …. so, charlie, how do you feel about abortion? …

  2. rls says:

    … ok, i read it, charlie … here’s my take — we’re imperfect beings living in an imperfect world and our actions don’t always match up with our ideals … but maybe having ideals in the first place can help us become a little less imperfect … maybe having ideals in the first place can help motivate us to sacrifice some of our own comfort in the service of others …

  3. ctrentelman says:

    ideals, sure, but perhaps also a little less judgmental of others in the meantime?

    NOt sure what any of that has to do with approving or disapproving of abortion, by the way.

    Service of others? Where’d that come from?

    What’s that got to do with standing on a ladder and screaming at people who are doing precisely what you did a week before because, well, you know, they’re not different like you are.

  4. rls says:

    … who gives more service to others, at the expense of her own comfort, than the loving mother of a newborn … that’s got to be a scary challenge, committing yourself to that kind of service … it takes courage to accept that kind of challenge, and without a motivating factor like ideals (or faith) it may be difficult to find that kind of courage and accept that kind of challenge …
    … i think it would be a better world if we all had more ideals, more faith, more courage, myself included …
    p.s. — i’m not in favor of standing on ladders and yelling at people any more than you are, charlie, although i’m not opposed to expressing my opinions here on the website any more than you are, either … good to talk with you …

  5. Peggy says:

    The article is eloquent and excellent.

    However, these sentences in the article are upsetting. “Or to make such unforgiving judgments about people who err, including women who get pregnant without meaning to, unequipped for the awesome responsibility of a child?”

    “. . .people who err, including women who get pregnant without meaning to,. . .” We, as a society throughout the world, must change our mindset from one that views pregnancy as something that only involves women. Men are a necessary part of pregnancy. Women cannot become pregnant without sperm, which can only come from men. “. . .people who err,. . .” in the case of pregnancy, can also be MEN. Men err in putting the sperm into the woman. The words say “women who get pregnant without meaning to,. . .” and that could mean that she simply overlooked taking her birth control pills OR it could mean that she was physically, mentally, or drug-induced controlled by a man – and so, in that case, in my way of thinking, it would not be the woman who erred but the man. In so many ways, pregnancy is thought of as only a woman’s problem and a woman’s issue. This goes on after the child is born. The children are, in much of our thinking, for the woman to deal with. Around the world and throughout the ages, men enjoy the power and the physical response of sex and if a child results, then all bets are off. From that point on everything transfers to the woman. I like the new-age way of thinking when men and women say “WE are pregnant.” Sounds a little awkward because we are not used to thinking that way. But that IS the reality of what has transpired and what is happening. And if men would acknowledge their absolutely necessary part in pregnancy, it would solve a myriad of problems.

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