Leg fighting Clear Air? So much for common sense

Boy, you give them a little pat on the head, the turn around and bite you.

The Legislature showed common sense in not pushing “personhood,” but now it’s showing a distinct lack of common sense in voting to limit cities’ ability to regulate vehicle idling.

I don’t get it — the Legislature is full of lawmakers who scream and yell when the federal government makes them do something, but they want to boss cities around?

If cities want cleaner air, cities should be able to do what they want to make it so. The Legislature is certainly in no rush to do anything about it. Utah’s had some of the foulest air on the planet for decades and lawmakers are just now looking around going “Huh?”

Yeah, I know, an idling ban will hurt cops who sit and idle for hours because they need to be ready to go in an instant. So make an exception for cops.

And taxi drivers. Not sure I buy that — in the old carburated ¬†engine days it was harder to start cars, but now electronic ignitions start in an instant — in hybrid cars the gas engine kicks on and off without a hitch. And, I’m sorry, but the argument that diesel engines are hard to start also doesn’t stand up any more. My antique Peugeot was hard to start on cold days, but that car was built in 1971 and even then it had to be really cold for the glow plugs to not work. Technology has improved.

Dirty air makes people sick, sick people need more medical care. Dirty air sends more of the poor to emergency rooms for lung problems, which increases medicaid costs, and I thought the state wanted to lower those?

How many times must I say this: Even regular care for mild asthma — mine — costs my insurance company $250 a month, give or take. Who funds my insurance company?

You guys. We have socialized medicine now — thank you, but don’t you want your premium bills lowered for a change?

Money aside, clean air is always good. Anything the Legislature does that works against cleaning it shows a total lack of common sense.

So pull your heads out, guys, and look at the mountains — while you can still see them, that is.




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2 Responses to Leg fighting Clear Air? So much for common sense

  1. Bob Becker says:

    For Utah conservatives, clean air is a commie plot, just like voting rights for blacks was. Won’t you ever learn?

  2. Ben pales says:

    I’ve almost given up hope for these yahoos, and their minions that vote the same no matter what idiots are put in front of them. Makes me glad I travel a lot, and can bring boot legged beer back with me to drown my dis belief.

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