Wow! Common sense strikes Legislature!

Yeah, I know, hard to believe.

It is absolutely amazing. A member of the Utah Legislature has dropped a whacko distracting guaranteed-to-draw-a-lawsuit bill.

Sen. Aaron Osmond has dropped any plans to propose a “personhood” bill. The bill, as I described in my column last Sunday, would have made any abortion, and most contraception except the rythem method, illegal and even made having a miscarriage legally suspect.

So, good. But don’t think it or something equally crazy won’t be back. These guys are capable of anything.

But for now, enjoy the brief burst of common sense.

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2 Responses to Wow! Common sense strikes Legislature!

  1. Myth Buster says:

    God says Personhood begins at conception. If we can abort the weakest persons, we should be able to abort International Corporations who are by Supreme Court Chief Justice Morrison “Mot” Waite and Mitt Romney’s definition, persons under the 14th Amendment. Funny nickname for a Skull & Bones Satanist eh? Mot is the Phoenician god of Death.
    Aaron is just one more coward in a very long list.

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