When is it OK for the GOP to support GAY?

I see where the Supreme Court will be hearing California’s Proposition 8 law banning gay marriage after a lower court overturned it.

What I found intersting was this commentery (click) in the New York Times about a proposed boycott of Starbucks because it also supports same sex marriage. When you get down near the bottom you will see lawmaker who, years ago, voted against same sex marriage and now feels bad because, as it turns out, one of her kids is gay.

I guess that’s what puzzles me: There’s all this anger and biblically-based pontificating over homosexuality by the right, but when it comes to their own kids being gay a lot of that goes by the boards. Some shun the kids as evil, but the ones who have brains, or perhaps a bit of feeling, get past it and accept their kids and even support them.

Former Vice President Dick Cheney comes to mind. Say what you will about the guy – I thought comparing him to Voldemort was particularly apt – he defends his daughter, who is gay and has a lifelong partner.

I suppose you could say love is blind, I think its more a matter of, when the chips are down, the need to preach hate against gays to make political points goes by the wayside when you realize it is your own kid you are preaching against.

It takes a hard heart indeed to do that. If nothing else, you sure as heck can’t blame the kid’s parents for how they turned out.

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3 Responses to When is it OK for the GOP to support GAY?

  1. Bob Becker says:

    Sadly, it is far from always true that parents who denounce gays and gay marriage on religious grounds change their minds if/when they discover one of their children is gay. Websites discussing “coming out” include sad stories of parents shunning their children who come out, and sometimes [when they are still teens] of kicking them out of the house.

  2. Owain says:

    I think if you were to ask the question seriously (as in, as if you were actually interested in the answer), for those who regard homosexuality as a sin, their answer might be, “Love the sinner, hate the sin”, which hopefully would be the same response if someone had a child who was a drug addict, or had committed a crime. They might deplore the behavior, but still be able to love the person.

  3. Dovie says:

    With Rick Santorum’s victories, I would say the answer to your title question is never.

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