Poor dumb Mitt

No, I don’t feel especially sorry for Mitt Romney.

The guy is a big money Eastern elite type and, after years of hearing the Tea Party slam those types of people, I finally see one in the flesh and have to agree, he is a jerk. Fortunately for Obama, the current replacement is even a bigger jerk — what did someone say, Gingrich has the children of his first marriage criticizing the wife of his second marriage for her criticism of his third wife, and this is the family values social conservatism candidate?

Mostly, though, I am not sure any of this matters. The GOP simply doesn’t seem real hot about Romney. See this story (click) for a rundown of potential reasons. For whatever reason, they seem real reluctant to support him, and real anxious to support anyone else.

If I were him I do what Newt is doing with his marriages, put the damn dog back on top of his car and dare anyone to criticize him for it.

That will make him look feisty, and voters seem to like that.

My brother in Florida tipped me off to an ad making the rounds on TV down there at this link:


In which Romney is compared to the current governor of Florida, who got elected despite the fact that his company defrauded the federal government of billions of dollars. Is it just me or has tolerance of fiscal irregularities taken something of a leap these days?

The ad says Romney did the same thing while director of a company that Bain Capitol, his takeover company, was taking over and running. The story explains it all. There seems to be enough truth to make one wonder how careful Romney is running things — members of boards are generally just there to sign their names and collect paychecks, so they tend to claim deniability if something is wrong, but Mitt, as president, would actually have to run things and take resposibility for them. You’d like to hope he has had practice at that. 


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4 Responses to Poor dumb Mitt

  1. Myth Buster says:

    Mitt’s 4th generation grandpa Parley Pratt taught the Oath of Vengeance to the 4th generation; of course he’s a jerk like Newt. Bain Capital owns Clear Channel, he feeds us crap on TV, Radio and Billboards; of course he’s a jerk. Dumb? No way, Adnan Khashoggi and Mitt are the smartest criminals on earth. Cofer Black, Blackwater co-founder and 9/11 Comptroller missing $2.3 Trillion Dov Zakheim are on his advisory team. He’s very smart. His wife Ann’s 1966 conversion to the Mormon Church? That was dumb.

  2. tom says:

    You may be correct on your take on the Mitster Chuck, but you leave out one important fact in how we choose our Presidente these days – Think how much better Mit’s little plastic statues look on wedding cakes than Newty’s do!

  3. hawg says:

    “but Mitt, as president”

    why do you care about anything “Mitt”?
    not very confident about Obama making it back in?

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