Gay families riding UTA

In keeping with the spirit of Thursday’s column (click) on Salt Lake City being declared the gayest city in the nation, I’m passing along a note I got from some group in California promoting same-sex couple families.

I got an email that said little more than that The All Family Project was finally on UTA. Going to their web site, I find that the web site (click)  is set up to promote understanding of same-sex couples as families, which they certainly are. They wanted to advertise in Utah, were turned down hither and yon, but finally met UTA’s standards and got the go-ahead.

Not quite sure why something promoting families should be controversial, but that’s the age we live in.

So look for their ads on UTA soon.

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24 Responses to Gay families riding UTA

  1. Bob Becker says:

    Aw, hell, Charlie, did you have to use that headline? Word gets out to some folks that gay families may ride an Ogden Trolley line, just like they were, like, you know, people, we’ll never get it approved.

    • Deputy Dog Junior says:

      Gone are the days of yore, when…with transgendered pride one could “troll” at the [UTA] “trolley” at Ogden Municipal Gardens.
      Those “days of our life’s” were pre STONEWALL,{circa’ 1969}
      and right about the time of Ogden’s notorious
      [Ogden Adult Book and Cin-ema].
      Morals have never declined in [Northern Webertown].
      Families will be close nit, weather in Fruit Heights, Farmington or Far West. {LGBT} can fit in even if they get the [ROSA PARKS]
      treatment, or [Shock Aversion Therapy] by Law Enforcement.

      …”People Going Places, Go UTA Today”…

  2. I have it on good authority a very straight family made up of completely queer individuals rides that Ogden trolley bus weekly.

  3. Myth Buster says:

    Family: Fundamental social group consisting of a man and woman and their offspring; Group of people sharing common ancestry. Man and Woman in Marriage have children which forms a family.
    Marriage and Family are words which cannot be used in the context of homosexual partners.

    • Myths busted says:

      So, a homosexual couple with children, aunts, uncles, parents, siblings, cousins and eventually grandchildren doesn’t count as a “family” in your world? I’ve got (good) news for you: the world is changing, there are many families that include homosexuals.

      • Sexuality can more accurately be referred to as a continuum rather than a dichotomy.

        Medical science has the equivalent of a lie detector, only for sexuality. And yes, they attach it to the privates, sit you in a comfy chair, and start to flash images, and play recorded sounds, and release various scents into the air.
        Starts off with just random innocuous pics: shoppers, kids playing in the park, sail boat at sunset, etc.

        Then there goes that metaphorical (or not so metaphorical) train into the tunnel.
        A little pic of Sergio, a picture from behind of a unidentified-gender couple making out, a woman sunbathing topless, a man with a erection.

        And we are not looking for engorgement here: the device measures responses that the subject is not even aware of, evidently.

        The end result. You are all a little straight, you are all a little gay, you are all a little human.

        The people who are most likely to be mostly straight or mostly gay, empirically? Persons who have been treated for having deep-seated emotional and mental issues.

        The person who is 40/60 or 60/40? Typical straight parent, no real hang ups, average.

    • Joey says:

      The definition of a family as nuclear (a man, woman and children) is a fairly recent historical development that people today mistakenly believe is some timeless, unchanging, and “fundamental” thing.

    • jennifer says:

      I have a family. I am gay. My family is more successful than some straight families.

      • nicnic says:

        Good Jennifer. I am glad that you wrote in and said what you did. I am thrilled that your family is doing well. Maybe the haters need to be focusing more on those who won’t get a job and live off OUR tax dollars, instead of gay families who are hard workers and contributing members of society. I see that it is harder for LGBT to get jobs sometimes and I thank you.

  4. James Loken says:

    Etymology – the study of the history of words, their origins, and how their form and meaning have changed over time.

    Try again myth buster.

  5. Myth Buster says:

    Words that change over time are lies. Etymology is the origin of words.

  6. Charles Trentelman says:

    dictionary definitions are reflections of the current sociological construct, not rules for people to follow.

    As the construct of what constitutes a family changes — polygamy becomes acceptable, or multiple husbands, or whatever — the dictionary changes. The idea of what is a family is changing, like it or not — less than 50 years ago it didn’t include people of different race — and the dictionary will eventually have to change.

    Good example: Look up the word “Gay” in a Webster’s Dictionary from 1900, and one from today.

    • Myth Buster says:

      Sodomy defined as unnatural sexual relations describes in Gen 13, Lev 18, Eze 8 or Romans 1 (Men with Men; Women with Women or either with animals) will never change and neither will God’s view of it.
      Race will never change; there is 1 Race of Man made in the image and likeness of God and Woman made from Man.

  7. hawg says:

    so just how many members of a family have to actually be gay before the rest are automatcially lumped into the definition of “gay” family?
    do gay couples “create” gay children? adopt only gay kids? what?

    is david stewarts family now to be known as a “cop killing” family?

  8. jennifer says:

    Me and my girlfriend and our son ride uta. And when our baby Is born she will ride with us. Hope nobody catches on fire while sitting on the seats after us. Heaven forbid you ignorant real families have to share the same transportation.

  9. Charles Trentelman says:

    i suppose we could always use the Bible definition-by-example: A husband, a wife, another wife, a handmaiden or two and maybe a brother’s wife thrown in for good measure.

  10. nicnic says:

    YES!!! Exactly.

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