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Poor dumb Mitt

No, I don’t feel especially sorry for Mitt Romney. The guy is a big money Eastern elite type and, after years of hearing the Tea Party slam those types of people, I finally see one in the flesh and have … Read More

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Gay families riding UTA

In keeping with the spirit of Thursday’s column (click) on Salt Lake City being declared the gayest city in the nation, I’m passing along a note I got from some group in California promoting same-sex couple families. I got an email … Read More

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The entitlement society marches on

I see where Cache County just got a bucket load of federal money (click!) to repair damage from last springs runoff. Said it before, will say it again: This sort of federal socialistic money sharing to help people who obviously don’t … Read More

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The shooting: Nobody knows what happened

I have been reluctant to write any columns about the police shooting in Ogden that killed Officer Francom because I don’t have anything constructive to add to the conversation and don’t know any of the facts of the case. Nobody … Read More

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Mitt Romney, delusional capitalist who fires people

Much ado this morning about Perenniel Presidential Hopeful Mitt Romney saying he likes to be in a position to fire people who provide service to him. The quote (link! Click!) is being taken out of context because everyone thinks it’s … Read More

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When cops walk toward people with guns

In early 1999 I saw a situation where the Ogden-Metro SWAT team was dealing with a guy in a house with a gun. Wednesday night’s tragedy reminded me of that. The situation, then, made me wonder, “What does a cop think … Read More

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Obama Martian gig will blow the Iowa Caucus wide open

Obama visited Mars. Yes, you read it here first (unless you also saw where I got it. Nothing is original any more.) Really, that’s funny all by itself. (Click!) and enjoy and, remember: You read it here first.

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