An excellent analysis of the failed Iraq adventure

Andrew Bacevich is a conservative (really!) former military (Vietnam) who has written much over the years about how America’s current overseas military posture, trying to be the cop of the free world, is bankrupting us and steering us down the imperialistic dead end so nobly pioneered by England and Rome and Russia and all the others.

This analysis (click) in the Washington Post  about the end of our adventure in Iraq is just another excellent look at the situation. Mr Bacevich he has long argued that American dominance of the so-called “free” world long ago passed the point of diminishing returns … as the war in Iraq/Afghanistan proved and proves, we’re spending huge amounts for little in return and less success.

This lack of success is not the fault of staying too little, or trying not hard enough, but our failure to simply pick a war that can be won. Wars of idiology, of trying to spread democracy or freedom or the American way of life, simply don’t work because, ultimately the countries we are trying to free may not like how they are then (thanks for killing Saddam!), but don’t want to be like us either.

Forget morals or human suffering; from a strictly economic standpoint (fiscal conservatism, anyone?) this approach to world affairs no longer makes sense.

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  1. Bob Becker says:

    Interesting piece, Charlie. Thanks for the link. Am passing it on to some colleagues. Curious what they think of it.

    I thought it left out one important point: in the face of all he’s described, the saber-rattling and belligerent assertions of “American exceptionalism” now pouring forth from the Right look like an attempt to double down and win that magic future that was not to be back with one more roll of the dice, one more military adventure. Republican think tankers advocating now a preemptive strike on Iran. Newt sounding like he’s exploring the same idea. Getting downright scary, this playground “We’re number one! We’re number one!” chanting when it’s taken as a substitute for an intelligent foreign policy and a successful diplomacy, which put’s the protection of American interests first, an not the preservation of America’s image in our own minds first.

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