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Never mind rich politicians, look who’s broke!

There’s an interesting article at the Washington Post today looking at the net worth of members of Congress. The article has the usual hand wringing about how rich they are and how can such rich folk represent us poor folk … Read More

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What good are Utah’s party conventions if Ron Paul wins Iowa?

There’s an interesting piece in Slate today (click) that speculates what the mainstream media, as well as the mainstream GOP, will do if Ron Paul wins Iowa’s caucuses. The concensus seems to be that Paul supporters will say the win means … Read More

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An excellent analysis of the failed Iraq adventure

Andrew Bacevich is a conservative (really!) former military (Vietnam) who has written much over the years about how America’s current overseas military posture, trying to be the cop of the free world, is bankrupting us and steering us down the … Read More

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The war’s over, why aren’t we happy?

Well, the Iraq War is over (click). Whoopee! Yay! Everyone sing “When Johnny Comes Marching Home!” Or not. “Not” seems to be the operative word here. The War in Iraq is officially over, only half a dozen or so years … Read More

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An Obamacare apology to Obama

It doesn’t take much to turn a hard working person into a charity case and send them down the road to homelessness and worse. Despite doing everything right, that happens. Health is one of the single biggest causes of bankruptcy, … Read More

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Shadenfreude is fun!

Posting this article about a car wreck in Japan that messed up a bunch of Lamborghinis and Ferraris (click) on an expensive cars outing probably proves that I’m a socialist commie liberal who hates the rich and wants to see … Read More

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You do wonder why they cry so when they get what they want

The GOP screams for fewer government jobs and more private sector. That is precisely what happens under Obama, and so they say he has failed miserably. Not sure I understand it either, but that is what the latest job figures … Read More

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Pity the poor gun nut: Nobody to hate.

Wow, cold last night, cold this morning, so I’m pondering the warm thought that people who hate the idea of their guns being taken away are frustrated at the thought that — this is cute — nobody wants to take … Read More

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A blast from a past wind outage: Insanity blows

Today’s wind storm reminded me that things can always be worse. It does not help that I really hate wind — as does my dog — but this one, so far anyway, hasn’t been all that horrible, relatively speaking. Then … Read More

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