Sen. Hatch has dirty linen too

Interesting story that showed up on USA Today (click) about how Sen. Hatch, who has joined the chorus of critics of the Obama administration for helping channel funds to a california solar energy company.

It’s an outrageous waste of tax dollars, he and others are saying, but as the story makes clear, Sen. Hatch has done his own share of channeling funds to green energy companies, in this case a Utah geothermal business.

What makes me sad is that these guys are ripping Obama for the failure of the solar company, while dodging blame on their own record, but  here’s the thing: Why should there be any blame at all?

In the real world, some investments work, some don’t. Mitt Romney, who has worked as a venture capitalist, ought to know this. If Sen. Hatch had any real-world experience he might as well.

Only in the world of politics must every venture succeed. If Hatch were willing to cut Obama slack, I’d cut him some.

Oh, and check out how the story catches Hatch in an obvious lie, or at least being screamingly unclear: A Hatch spokesman says the Utah company is different because Hatch wasn’t channeling federal funds and Obama was, but …

Raser was eventually awarded a $33 million Treasury Department grant in 2010 for construction of the plant. The company also unsuccessfully applied for money through at least three different Department of Energy loan guarantee programs, according to an SEC filing.

So what’s good for the goose is good for the gander. If Obama can be criticized, so can Orrin, but the sad part is that criticism of speculative projects like this, not to mention  it being part of presidential politics, means any real progress on alternative energy will have to wait until 2013, or something.


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4 Responses to Sen. Hatch has dirty linen too

  1. efialtis says:

    I will ask you the same question I have asked Mr. Shenefelt…
    Is the person who steals $33 the same as the person who steals $1200?

    We all know and understand the idea of “pork”, and this action by Hatch is no better or worse in that department…
    However, $33 million is far less than the $500 million that Solyndra was given… and that the money was given to Solyndra at all, in light of the warnings, is a travesty.
    All told, something on the order of $1.2 TRILLION has been spent, and lost, “investing” in Green Energy (in this case, 5 different companies… not counting the many other companies that were given stimulus or other funds)…

    So yes, maybe Hatch shouldn’t be criticizing, but the waste generated by Hatch, in this case, is a pittance compared to Solyndra and even less than a pittance when compared to the other $1.2 trillion lost on similar ventures.

    • Owain says:

      Ef, as I informed Charles, I see nowhere in the linked article where Sen. Hatch provided Rasor Technologies with a dime of taxpayer dollars. The $33 Million they received was in a grant from Treasury Department, an organization that falls under the Federal Executive Branch of government, not the Legislative Branch. If there is any blame to be had here, it falls at President Obama’s doorstep, not Senator Hatch’s.

      You’d think Charles would have known that, but I guess he was blinded by an opportunity to smear a Republican.

      “Liberal Intolerance”, Bob.

  2. Neal Cassidy says:

    I agree. However I would like to find out the amount of money wasted before it is appropriate to be upset?

  3. Owain says:

    “In the real world, some investments work, some don’t.”

    That’s true, but you’re willing to overlook that because there’s an opportunity to bash a Republican, is that what you’re saying, Charles? That’s a nice situational ethic you have going there.

    About your claim of an obvious lie, do you have any evidence that Hatch was assoiciated with the $33 million Treasury Dept grant the company received? If not, how was Hatch lying when he said he never steered money the company’s way? How is Hatch lying if the company unsuccessfully sought DOE loan guarantees on it’s own? Sounds like in this case, the DOE did it’s job correctly in denying loan guarantees to the financially troubled company. Maybe if Raser Technologies had only been Obama contributors, they could have scored some of that sweet sweet DOE loan guarantee money like Solyndra. That IS how it’s done with this administration. It’s the Chicago way.

    The only thing screamingly unclear is your post. Just what is Hatch guilty of doing here? Offering verbal support for a Utah company? Just who does he think he is, an elected representative of the State of Utah, or something?

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