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Rick Perry gets science right when he denies it

Found an interesting post on the Washington Post by Katrina vanden Heuvel lambasting the GOP presidential stumpers for being anti-science. But, interestingly enough, she’s got it wrong. In the way they deny evolution and climate change, they’re actually correct. Do … Read More

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The Housing Market will not save your butt

Stories like this (click) frustrate the heck out of me and show why the current economic mailaise is, at least in part, due to bad news reporting. It’s a New York Times story about the current economic situation, blaming it … Read More

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Sen. Hatch has dirty linen too

Interesting story that showed up on USA Today (click) about how Sen. Hatch, who has joined the chorus of critics of the Obama administration for helping channel funds to a california solar energy company. It’s an outrageous waste of tax … Read More

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Home Depot to risk 691 employee lives in Ogden?

Ok, enough is enough. I work at Business Depot Ogden. Ever try to go home from BDO? If you live in western Weber County, you’re good, but one or two of us live in Ogden and, let me tell you, … Read More

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Occupy Wall Street? Ten years too late.

Someone asked me “So, what about this occupy Wall Street thing?” Good question. I heard President Obama asked the same thing this morning, particularly why the crooks of Wall Street who brought the country to its financial knees haven’t all … Read More

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Did Union Station really diss the military? No.

Some confusion over a Dec. 19 Christmas party at Union Station by the 388th Fighter Wing at Hill Air Force Base led to accusations that Union Station Foundation wasn’t being nice to the military. I won’t rehash it all here … Read More

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Will Sarah run? Utah is critical!

Just saw this story in the NYTimes speculating on whether Ms. Governor-of-Alaska-for-a-while Sarah Palin will announce she is running for president. I am fascinated that Utah’s Oct. 15 deadline for a list of potential candidates is the first hint that … Read More

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