Bachmann: Irresponsible coward

Short and sweet: Michele Bachmann said on a recent public event that someone had told her vaccine to prevent cervical cancer had caused her daughter to be retarded.

Bachmann has since said she was only repeating what she was told, not saying it was true. That this, by her own admission, makes her an irresponsible twit who repeats any piece of crud she is told does not speak well of her, especially as one who thinks we should put her in charge of the nation’s nuclear weapons. 

But then an ethicist challenged her to prove her claim (click), or publically recant it and apologize. She has not answered this, nor responded, nor recanted, nor done anything to make the damage her public statement did less harmful. There has been enough fear over vaccines already by one irresponsible medical researcher, we don’t need irresponsible politicians making it worse. People will die.

So her failure to admit her mistake and make amends makes her a coward.

There is nothing lower. She should withdraw from the race tonight, if not sooner.

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10 Responses to Bachmann: Irresponsible coward

  1. Howard Ratcliffe says:

    Covered that Social Security article fast Charlie. Marcus Bachmann runs a Lake Elmo training camp at Lake Elmo where Anders Beivik was for 2 months last summer. If an IRS attorney “infiltrating the enemy” doesn’t torpedo Michelle’s campaign maybe training the homosexual Norway shooter will. No Charlie the planet Mongo has nothing to do with this.
    I don’t know who has more dirt, Bachmann, Perry or Palin taking 18 hours to give speeches and commercial flights after her water had broken on her 5th child or was it Bristol’s 2nd out of wedlock underage kid? Perry having a Merck lobbyist forcing 12 yr old girls to have an HPV Gardisil vaccine made by Merck. So confusing isn’t it, especially with your head in the sand?

    • Bob Becker says:

      I read through the links. [Prison Planet is not a reliable source on health matters.] None of the others report the vaccine causing mental retardation.

      That a very small number of people will have a serious adverse reaction to any vaccine is well known. The number of lives saved, however, hugely outnumbers the small number of people with adverse reactions. Article in the papers this week about people avoiding the whooping cough vaccine, which [when the disease was unchecked and our population was much lower than it is now] killed something north of 7K a year. If the vaccine ended that but a dozen a year died from adverse reactions, the benefits of the vaccine overall are obvious. As parents panicked by irresponsible demagogues withhold the vaccine from their school children, the number of whooping cough cases has been rising.

      Whenever you have a child vaccinated with anything … polio vaccine, HPT, etc…. you’re given a consent form which explains both the risks of getting the vaccine and the much higher risks of not getting it. Ms. Bachmann, who commands a national stage was wildly irresponsible for suggesting that this particular vaccine causes “mental retardation.” There is no evidence that it does. And “some woman told me that” does not suggest she’s careful about her sources of information or verifying them before passing conclusions allegedly based on them to the nation.

      It was irresponsible of her. On this one, Charlie’s just flat out right.

  2. hawg says:

    irresponsible coward.

    this from an employee of the of oh sooo ethical standard examiner.

    you know the guy who assumes the word God in a memo from the sheriff means employees will be held to that standard, when it is nowhere, even remotely implied in the memo.

    this from the newspaper that blames the NRA and four+ million american members because the ATF sold guns to the mexican gun cartel.

    this from the newspaper that puts susan powells name first in a headline about her father in law being arrested.

  3. Stephen M. Cook says:

    Some there are who have the spirit of contention against the light of reason, and are fomenting a darkness-worshiping backlash against rational thought; all the while these purposely-uneducated become more enamored, and more enslaved, by the scientific methods kid brother: technology.

    As a note: these knee-jerk spasms of mostly-aged get-off-my-lawn superstitious types occur always as civilization moves forward.
    Regardless of the setbacks and delays caused by these cowering and huddled yokels a’fearin’ and quakin’ at the coming bright and better future, still it comes.

    Thank chaos.

  4. Owain says:

    Speaking of inaccurate hyperbole, I see that Charles has a new post up.

    Charles, I think this is a simple case here that her statements have exceeded her competance, which explains her current position in the polls. No need for name calling. After all, you do it all the time.

    Perhaps I should add the word ‘hysterical’ to the description. Hysterical inaccurate hyperbole…yeah, that’s the ticket.

  5. VN VET says:

    I would like to see her get in, imagine, a woman on PMS in charge of our Nukes. Lets see if the building of Nukes grows in 3rd world country’s continue’s.
    I dont understand your name calling, Do you even know what twit means?
    Stop it allready, or is that your education level gutter talk?

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