Good thing security found the knife–not

Wow, this story (click) about a 60-year old guy who threatened to remove someone’s eyeballs in a dispute over an airplane arm rest is rather scary, to say the least.

Another version here (click). What I find fascinating — reporters who failed to ask¬†take note — is that nowhere does the story mention that this guy took a 3.5 inch Gerber knife THROUGH SECURITY¬† which is supposed to be so darn good at finding, well, knives.

Maybe since 9-11 they’re cracking down on case cutters, but Gerber (actually a brand name, I believe. Did anyone check?) knives are OK?

Admission: They DID find my 2-inch swiss army knife and made me mail it home. Still, let’s sharpen up that x-ray machine guys.


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5 Responses to Good thing security found the knife–not

  1. Bob Becker says:

    Periodically, DHS sends people through security checks carrying various banned substances, and some always get through. No security check system is perfect. The instances in which this happens, though, seem to be pretty rare. A case of the glitches catching the headlines, the successes not.

  2. Howard Ratcliffe says:

    Let’s send the son of a Nigerian Defense Minister through 4 international security checkpoints on Christmas with bomb sniffing technology on a cash paid ticket and PETN (Nitro-Penta) strapped to his crotch (it cannot be lit). It will be an excellent excuse for L-3 and Univision to unveil their Millimeter Wave Full Body Imaging machines and Back-scatter X-Ray machines to 49,000 commercial airports worldwide; lobbied for by Bush Jr FEMA/DHS Chief Rabbi Michael Chertoff and Operation Gun Runner Janet Napolitano. Let’s make his name match Muhammad’s Grandfather Abdul Mutallib for grins and let’s claim he originated from the same country in Yemen. Nobody will notice.
    Let’s follow that charade with Laser Toner Cartridges full of bomb residue from the same country on UPS Cargo Jets to get the machines at every US shipping and rail port. Nobody will notice UPS doesn’t even serve Yemen. Or will they?
    Box Cutters taking out 8 pilots; good one!

    • Owain says:

      Still not worth the effort.

      The Howard Ratcliffe Reality Disconnect…

      • Howard Ratcliffe says:

        No, please, dispute any one of these facts. Doing a little research wouldn’t hurt you know. As Bohemian Grove founder Sam Clemens said “Truth is stranger than fiction” Did I mention M. Othman is the UN Space Alien Ambassador and Othman was the first Ottoman Sultan from Nigeria.

  3. karl says:

    a friend recently forgot to take off her (large and very visible) necklace before passing through the scanner. The agent didn’t tell her to take it off, and then had to hold up the line while she removed it, was ‘wanded’ etc. Meanwhile they missed the liquids in her bag. The same agent told me I didn’t have to remove my watch – after the scan the first question was do you have a watch on your left hand. I have to pat down your arm. Somedays you just can’t win!

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