Poor Newt–tried to really be different.

OK, in a weird sort of way, maybe Newt Gingrich was right.

He’s allegedly running for president, and his entire staff quit on him Thursday because, as this story makes clear, Newt was declining to follow the standard corporate “how to get elected president in 12 easy steps” method that his staff wanted him to follow.

Getting into any elective office is not easy any more. Even House races cost millions of dollars, President costs billions because the electorate is apparently so dim that the only way to get them to vote for you is to flood them with so many simplistic appeals, half-truths and outright lies that their brains seize up and they vote for you out of sheer rote.

Discuss actual issues? No no no, never happen. You must raise money, lots of money, and suck up to doners and then tell doners they are right no matter what. And, of course, if you are a Republican you have to repeat, by rote, the stands of the Tea Party because they seem to be the swing block in that party’s convention these days, as Sen. Bob Bennett found out to his dismay.

But NO, as this Washington Past item (click) makes clear,  Newt was having none of that. Call major doners and massage their egos? Schedule fund raisers? Beat the husks for dollars?


Maybe Newt is just a screw-up who had no clue (the last race he won was from some rural George house district  where one has to assume the rigors of campaigning are somewhat less pronounced) and had no idea what he was doing.

But maybe, just maybe, he really did want to run a Presidential campaign that eschewed doners and all their strings. Maybe he really wanted to discuss ideas with the voting public on the assumption that they could actually comprehend a thought or two that was too big to fit on a bumper sticker in 48 point type.

Of course, everyone knows that’s a losing strategy. He dared speak the truth about Paul Ryan’s medicare plan — such a drastic change really is social engineering — and got thoroughly whacked for it, to the point he said that anyone who quoted him accurately would be lieing.

Since then it’s been down hill.

I’m not saying there’s a hope in hades I’d for the guy. He’s a radical and unpredictable thinker with so many ethical lapses under his belt — let alone the moral stuff — that he shouldn’t be allowed anywhere in the District of Columbia even as a tourist. He didn’t lose his speakership for sleeping around (and around and around), he lost it for illegal and ethical lapses. and there’s been no indication that he’s changed his ways.

But still, just on the off chance that he really really did want to run a really different campaign that was actually different, maybe we ought to cut him just a teensy bit of slack.

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4 Responses to Poor Newt–tried to really be different.

  1. Bob Becker says:

    “so many simplistic appeals”

    Yup. The latest? Mitt’s: “I believe in America!” offered as his reason for running for the nomination. [What's he implying? That his rivals for the nomination don't?]

    Mitt is just the latest in a long long line of “tell me what you want me to say and I’ll say it” candidates from both parties. Newt’s one of them too, Charlie. When he went of Meet the Press and said he was as opposed to right wing social engineering as he was to left wing social engineering, and the Tea Party loons went nuts, he immediately backtracked, and did a Palin, claiming it was a gotcha question he answered and it caught him off guard and he wasn’t ready yada yada yada… in his 36th appearance on the show over the years.

    Sorry, Charlie, but I’m having a hard time buying Newt as the brave campaigner playing a “polls be damned” strategy. The “straight talk express” strategy didn’t work for McCain against Bush [and back then, McCain meant it; Newt doesn't] which is why McCain gave it up next time round…. and won the nomination.

    • laytonian says:

      That reminds me, Bob.

      The “gotcha” question that led Palin to go off on Paul Revere?

      “What have you seen so far today and what are you going to take away from your visit?”

  2. Guest says:

    Hey Chuck, what’s a doner?

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