Film Developing Update, Change Sucks, random stupidity

It must be “Stupid Monday” because I almost got creamed by a mail truck coming to work today, then had some guy walk right in front of my car while driving up 24th Street. It was like, “F-U, dude, I’m walking across the street.”

When I got to work I found an email from a regular correspondent who pretty much hates every word I write because I’m a liberal or something. He usually slams me for wanting to raise taxes to pay for stuff, while at the same time excoriating me for wanting to give his hard-earned tax dollars to people who don’t deserve them, which seems to be pretty much everyone but him.

I say that because he was talking about Sunday’s column on the VA women’s programs which I had the bad grace to say would provide free services to any female combat vet. It was the word “free” that got him.

This guy apparently gets VA benefits, but they aren’t free, he said. ”I paid for them, probably  not as much as I get, but I paid for them!!!” he multiply exclaimed.

Which is true. We all do and did. That’s how insurance work. You pay a premium to subsidize other people’s bills on the premise that, when it is your turn, your bills will be subsidized. This guy is a beneficiary of Socialized Medicine, as I keep trying to convince people like him.

I just find it sadly funny that a guy who hates government spending, and government taxes, wants the government to keep giving him government medical care because he somehow “paid” for it, as if his medicare taxes, or whatever,were buying him a goose that laid golden medical care eggs. If he were made to follow through on his own anti-government, anti-tax demands, he’d very quickly find out what medical care REALLY costs.

The money for his care has to come from somewhere, but he doesn’t care as long as it’s not from taxes.

SPEAKING OF STUPID — got a laugh out of Newt Gingrich telling the press Sunday that he’s a great  choice for president because he’d be this huge change in the White House, a non-Washington person who represents us little guys, not those jerk politicians and special interests.

Mr. 3-wives philandering House Speaker who got booted on an ethics charge for being way too inside beltway expects us to believe this?

Pretty sad — the only thing he’s said right so far since he declared is that the Paul Ryan budget represents radical social engineering from the right, and he’s now claimed he was sooooo totally wrong when he said that, even though that’s precisely what slashing Medicare for everyone under 55 and replacing the program with vouchers would be. If completely changing how the nation’s elderly access medical care isn’t social engineering, I don’t know what is.

FILM DEVELOPING UPDATE  — I referred to it in the headline for a reason: Imaging Depot in Ogden is going to start processing C-41 film — regular color print film — in about a week. Since just about every other lab in Ogden that does that processing has quit — Costco quit, I am told WalMart is winding down, Inkleys endures — this is a welcome sign from a scrappy little camera store that is trying to be what this county desperately needs: A locally owned camera store worthy of the name. They also have a full line of fuji film.

Yes, this is a shameless free plug. I’d do the same for their competitors if they had any. I’m still pissed at Costco for shutting down their film processing machine three months after I joined for the cheap film processing.

If it weren’t for the dried cherries and large economy sizes of diapers, I wouldn’t bother with the place any more. Good thing for them I have one granddaughter and another grand on the way, which is also why I need a reliable film processor.

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5 Responses to Film Developing Update, Change Sucks, random stupidity

  1. Bob Becker says:

    Does the downtown form bus terminal film store process those one-time use cameras? Smith’s quit, Fresh Market quit, Wal-Mart still in the biz as I think Walgreens. Be nice not to have to haul all the way over to those places to get throw-away-cameras processed.

    Just given as gift first digital camera. Short of buying a printer and filmprintpack to print pix, does the former Greyhound terminal film store print pix from digital?

  2. Charles Trentelman says:

    yes, bob, it will do all those things with disposalbe cameras. And, yes, the grayhound/imaging depot does make prints from digital media — it’s a major part of what they do, in fact.As does costco.

    I am boycotting Walgreens since they ate a roll of critical film.

  3. kent coleman says:

    re:Walgreens -Banned from Standard web site

    I went to get some Coricidin cough suppressant, with the ingredients
    clorpheniramine maleate 4 mg and dextromethorphan hydrobromide 30mg , the picture was there and when i went to the phamacy, they wouldn’t sell me any. It was the only otc pill that would stop my cough.

    I found it at another store.

    I’ve been blocked from the standard web site for some reason,oh well ,Efialtis and MacDDady,will have to carry on my good work without me.

    I don’t know why they didn’t bock me from your web site.

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