A final socialistic Ponzi Scheme thought

My last three columns in the dead tree edition have been about economics and the recession.

It’s funny, I thought the conservatives among you would cheer those columns: They were straight out of the fiscal conservative playbook of reduce spending, live within your means, be grateful for what you’ve got, pay your bills, and on and on.

But no. Apparently, I’m trying to make people richer so I can tax them more. I’ve had several commentators, and one email, say as much in so many words. What a sneaky guy I am! I’m all part of a dibolical liberal plot, it would seem. I better notify the Imperial Masters at Illuminati Headquarters that we’ve been busted, the secret is out.

So I guess it is the acme of rediculousness to include a discussion here of yet another way to save your money by not falling for Ponzi schemes.

Still, that is what I’m recommending because, after all, if you lose your money to a Ponzi scheme you can’t pay taxes and let me live my life of luxury on welfare and food stamps and free medical care.

So you will know what to avoid, here is an excellent primer in the Washington Post (click) on ponzi schemes and what to look out for. The biggest thing is not just that old “if it’s too good to be true, it is not true,” because, of course, the best scheme is very good at making it look anything but “too good to be true.” They make you think it is true, mostly because they’re your friend, or lodge brother, or church minister, or whatever.

Read it carefully, the money you save could soon be mine through socialism!

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2 Responses to A final socialistic Ponzi Scheme thought

  1. laytonian says:

    Now you’ve done it, Charlie.

    You’re trying to cut off the supply of Ponzi victims, to Utah’s conservative, wild-wild-west, “free market capitalist” businesspeople.

    What will all of those good young men do now, to get rich quickly?

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