So, Obama is a Republican?

Actually, Ezra Klein at the Washington Post (click!)  makes a pretty good argument, comparing Obama’s policy stances with those of prominent Republicans back in the early 1990s.

I’ve seen other comparisons of this ilk: That Nixon would be a Democrat today, Reagan more to the left of center than Clinton ended up being, and on and on. It is fun, especially when you catch Orrin Hatch agreeing with Obama, retroactively, on a position he’s now done a complete 180 on.

Also all relative. The current crop of GOP people need to oppose Obama, so the last thing they want to do is agree with him. If he takes the stands they took in the past, well, too bad, he’s wrong.

I always did like to tell people that I was something of a Republican before I moved to Utah and discovered I was a leftist radical commie-simp socialist, or something. I’m not sure what I am now.

Just me, I guess.

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2 Responses to So, Obama is a Republican?

  1. James "K" Florence says:

    In an authenic Independent Democracy of a Republic;
    The true metal of a “Card-Carrying” Republican is if and
    Only whens he Republishes her/himself.
    Registered? Get out the Vote.

  2. Dovie says:

    I am convinced that Mitt Romney (at least the old one) is remarkably similar to John Kerry. Except that John Kerry is actually a war veteran. But everybody in Utah loves Mitt and would not even give John a sniff.

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